Who needs a TV when you have clients who’ll text the news?

One of the bombing terrorists shot dead, hunt’s on for the other.


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18 responses to “Who needs a TV when you have clients who’ll text the news?

  1. Old Coot

    Ive been watching since @4am. It’s riveting. Boston is essentially in lockdown.

    • I do have a tv where I’m staying. Probably time to figure out how to turn it on.

      • Old Coot

        CNN has the best coverage with a camera crew closest to the SWAT teams going door to door in Watertown to find Suspect #2 who is said to be armed and dangerous.

        • Mass has toughest gun law in the country. (which has had zero effect on crime since its passage in the 80’s). So while some residents might prefer to be inside with a 1911 45, they’ll have to make do with a “gun free zone” placard on the door. Hope that works.

  2. Old Coot

    The only problem with armed residents is that suspect #2 is thought to be wearing explosives. One wrong aim and kaboooom.

    • So let him break in to your home and wait for the police to find and disarm him? If Massachusetts residents were allowed to take their few remaining guns outside their home to a target range – they are not – they could practice, and shoot the bastard in the head.

  3. To add an ounce of levity in what is a very serious and scary incident: a “bomb expert” on CBS said the suspect was wearing IUDs.
    Now THAT’S breaking news! 🙂

  4. Mark B.

    Man, I’m watching CNN right now – Chris, you must have a number you can call – somebody please tell their reporters to TAKE A CHILL PILL. They’re all yapping like chihuahuas on meth!

    • Not just CNN; every network is on speed yap. They are all into the “but he was such a good boy” mode now, interviewing friends, neighbors, anyone they can dig up who knew the brothers. They have even interviewed Uncle Tonoose too. “He was an angel.” Oy.

      Appalling amount of misinformation. Appalling amount of indiscretion by media reporting exact location of SWAT teams, to the extreme that the Boston Police tweeted this:
      WARNING: Do Not Compromise Officer Safety by Broadcasting Tactical Positions of Homes Being Searched.

      To my ears, I have yet to hear, on any channel, the word Muslim in reference to these two boys. Chechen origins. Yada yada, but MSM just doesn’t want to discuss their religious beliefs. They still want them to be good old white boys who have a link to the Tea Party.

  5. Mark B.

    It’s hard to look at Chris Cuomo with out thinking about his idiot brother.

  6. Mark B.

    And now they are claiming that last night the kid they have cornered ran over his brother while escaping in the car they had just carjacked.

    So apparently they’re not Chechnyan – they’re Asian.

  7. Mr. EOS, in RI today, decided to mosey over to Home Depot in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The back-road he takes from our house goes right by UMass/Dartmouth and he got caught in the huge police shut down of the campus. He texted me this:
    Glad I bought my 9000 nails last week. They are stopping every car.