Who’d have predicted this?

Dounut BadgeAll of Boston shut down except …

A Newton store manager told BuzzFeed, “There was an automated message going around telling businesses to close, but because we’re Dunkin’ Donuts, we called the police department and they said we didn’t have to.”



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28 responses to “Who’d have predicted this?

  1. Crème Puff

    Jake Tapper had a Starbucks coffee in his hand this morning so they myst have opened too. I wonder where all the press and cops PEE. I haven’t seen any porta potties delivered during this lockdown day. Third tree from the left?

  2. Mark B.

    THAT is freakin hilarious.

  3. Rick

    Which gets you a cop faster?

    911 or 1800-Doughnut?

  4. Demmerkrat Patriot

    “You just can’t make this stuff up …. ”

  5. Fred2

    I’m curious. Did martial law get declared? If not, what legal authority do the cops have to shut anything down? I mean they could ASK politely, I understand, but After that don’t they need something?

    Did I miss something in the news reports? I was bailing my basement this morning.

  6. LAK

    It was the only place open during Sandy!

  7. Crème Puff

    If I could bubble caption this photo of Obama being briefed today vis-a-vis this post:


    Let’s say we order five dozen Boston Kreme’s. Michelle wants a couple of boxes of Munchkins. A Box of Joe for Biden. Call it in.

  8. door to door

    with all these college kids, how many drug lords being found out….how many sex and human traffic houses uncovered…meth labs…more crime than they planned….illegals crowded inside.

  9. TheWizard

    I’m all for it. They would have had to throw away a whole day’s inventory.

    Business can use all the help it can get under the current climate.

  10. AJ

    Who’d have predicted there would be a drill going on at the same time just like Newtown? Lot’s of people, actually: it fits the pattern. Do I suspect Obama himself was running it? No, but somebody was. Lot’s of pics; take a look.

    ‘“Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation’

    ‘Seen across street after blasts talking with FBI bomb squad. Who were they? What were they and the FBI doing?’

    “What appear to be private contractors, wearing unmarked, matching uniforms and operating an unmarked SUV affixed with communication equipment near the finish line of the Boston Marathon shortly after the bomb blasts – can be seen beforehand, standing and waiting just meters away from where the first bomb was detonated.

    The contractor-types had moved away from the bomb’s location before it detonated, and could be seen just across the street using communication equipment and waiting for similar dressed and equipped individuals to show up after the blasts….”


    • Seriously, Chris?

      Why do you allow this nonsense on your blog? 9/11, Newtown, and now the marathon bombings—all inside jobs.

      AJ, why don’t you contact each of the families who lost a child in the Newtown attack and share your brilliant theories with the parents? Please then share their reactions with us. I’ll be interested to know how many of them come clean about their roles in the conspiracy. I mean, you’re so certain about what really happened that it should not be a problem for you to approach these people, right?

      Do us all a favor and keep this crap in Canada.

      • Anonymous

        AJ’s recent postings detract from this blog.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          Personally, I don’t think you should delete posts that others don’t agree with, or find offensive. Different opinions, and differing points of view, are what make the world go round, right?

          So AJ’s post offend some folks? So what? Don’t read them. No one has a God given right not to be offended. It is a part of life. Do you agree, you no talent douche bag?

          So while I often don’t agree with our tin foil hat wearing little friend, sometimes the tin foil hat crowd is in fact correct. Most people still believe Oswald killed Kennedy. But we both know better. Right? RIGHT!!!

          Your Pal,

          • While I occasionally edit out Dollar Bill’s most egregious racist or homophobic comments, I pretty much leave others’ comments alone (you should know). AJ has his theories, but hey, as you note, readers can see who wrote them and if they find them too upsetting to read, then they can easily avoid them. Besides, maybe he’s like that Mel Gibson character in Conspiracy Theory – 1,000 of conspiracies exposed, one of them proves true.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          You have caused me pause, and I am contemplating my previous posts. And I must say, I am at a loss to think of any which would have required your editing skills. You pencil necked little geek.

          Do I offend “professional” real estate agents? They aren’t aware they only sell dirt? Are the Jews pissed? I support the new Temple, as long as it is in Cos Cob, and not near me. And run by normal NY Jews, not the fur wearing Brooklyn types who scare other Jews. And me.

          Did I offend the Pollack’s? How could that be, they can’t read. Women? Impossible. I love them all, even some fat ones. The gays? I like them, especially lezbo’s, and they do a great Halloween. I have nothing against midgets and retards. I can be hard on the towel heads, but they have brought it on themselves, I think.

          So I am at somewhat of a loss here Dude. WAIT!! It’s the WASP’s isn’t it? THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE!! The reader is a WASP and so are you!! Both born to privilege, think they shit gold bars, and are above criticism. A holier than thou attitude, a sense of entitlement, living in a gilded cage called Greenwich!!

          Well you and the reader need to lighten up, you silly silly man.
          I am just fucking with ya.
          Your Pal,

        • Walt

          Dude –
          I KNOW what you were saying, and I know you don’t edit me, you needle dick pin head.
          The point of my post was I don’t think I ever wrote anything that required editing. In response to your previous boring comment. Duh. Reread the thread SLOWLY.
          You are making me dizzy. You loser.
          Your Pal,

        • I can assure you, Polacks can read.
          Some of us even type well.

  11. AJ

    Here’s Dan Rather in an old news broadcast explaining how the FBI setup the ’93 WTC bombing and provided the live explosives. It came out in the trial; it’s not conspiracy theory. It’s fact, not opinion. That’s six dead courtesy of the FBI. Why does the government refuse to answer questions about the military contractors; why does the MSM refuse to cover it? The whole thing’s on tape, so why is the video of the guys planting the back packs missing? Were they talking to the contractors? Did they plant it right under their noses. By the way meathead, I didn’t say anything about the parents of Newtown having any part in a conspiracy, nor did I say it was a conspiracy, just that it fit a pattern. How’d you score on reading comprehension?

    Here’s Dan Rather:


  12. AJ

    Sorry that was the link to my original post; here’s the correct link:

  13. Dan Rather said “the fbi may have known and may have been able to prevent” and may have been able to “substitute the gunpowder with harmless explosives”. It did not say the fbi “setup the ’93 WTC bombing and provided the live explosives”. Listen again.

  14. Al Dente

    I’m still trying to figure out who REALLY shot J.R.

  15. AJ

    That was from the MSM, who usually has nothing to say about nothing. But here’s former FBI Chief Agent Ted Gunderson: