Frank Lautenberg: ban chocolate chip cookies

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

“Governor Christie’s an expert on ’em”, Lautenberg explained at a news conference held in his nursing home bedroom, “so when he told me that a CCC holds eight times the energy of TNT, I said to my nurse, ‘then we’d better get on this right away’. We don’t know with absolute certainty that the terrorists used CCCs up in Boston, but if it saves the life of one child ….”


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6 responses to “Frank Lautenberg: ban chocolate chip cookies

  1. AJ

    Well yeah, of course they should be banned if they’re anything like those “hash brownies” your anonymous poster from about a month ago ate with a quarter pound of weed in each.

    “Do you know how much energy goes into producing a quarter pound of weed?!?!”, he said while psychotically wringing his hands, “Think of the damage to the planet.”

  2. Al Dente

    Imagine Boston Baked Beans. Gadzooks!

    This video is illogical, but clever:

  3. ilsa

    big c-little c is mixing apples and oranges