I do love a good headline

Daily Mail: “With this camera, I behead”. Couple sues their wedding photographer for botching the job. In fact, judging from the photos of the newlyweds the lady did manage to take, I think she did them, and posterity, a favor.

But nice job by the paper.

Does this dress make me look fat?

What’s the easiest way to lose 15 pounds of ugly fat?


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4 responses to “I do love a good headline

  1. Cobra

    Likely the Greenwich Time staff photographer, correct?

  2. Keep them dumb, keep them poor

    Interesting thought followed up by facts.

    If the government just wants to control us, just keep us dumb. Also, keep raising our taxes so families have less and less resources to spend on private schools.

    The statistics show private school enrollment has steadily decreased… Leaving us dependent on crappy schools which get annual budget increases (for the kids). As you say, it is nothing about quality, just control. Our public schools produce poor results despite increased spending.

    Private schools always produce better test scores, better parent involvement (their money at stake and work) …Maybe that’s why only the Governing Class will be able to afford to send them there.

    The government is making us poorer and poorer (taxed to death) and more dependent since we can not afford to educate a family anymore. Feeding the family is getting more expensive too.


    • Education better WWII days

      Before our education system got nationalized around 1940, we probably had a better system. Why did everyone have to go to college?. Some people were meant to be plumbers or carpenters. Some people of average or less test taking ability became cooks. No college needed then or now.

      Since we have to employ a legion of union led teachers, now everyone has to finish high school and unnecessarily push you on to a college. Just to keep a growing union labor force a reason to show up at your expense.

      Perhaps enrolling people in “education” lets our government keep track of you til your 25. Keeping kids dependent on parent insurance keeps them tracking you til your 26.

      You cant afford marriage and family til your 30.

      Keeping a finger on you, the American way.

  3. anonymous

    who doesn’t love the added bonus of the article – that the last name of the couple is Crack. So many jokes. So little time.