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NBC: It’s as likely a Mozart lover bombed Boston as a Muslim

Who's calling me a mental cripple?

Who’s calling me a mental cripple?

Where do they find these people? I know, I know, academia, but still…

Just two weeks after asserting that children belong to the state, and not their parents, affirmative action beneficiary Melissa Harris-Perry is back to chastise the public for thinking that YoYo1 and YoYo2’s muslimism had something to do with them being the type to shred bodies and tear off limbs. With her is another affirmative action instructor, Michael Eric Dyson, he of the any criticism of Obama is racist” claim, who tag teams on this one: this kind of deep thought requires two addled brains, not just one. The fat guy goes first:

“So you take one part of the element, that he’s Muslim. But he also might have listened to classical music, he might have had some Lil Wayne. He might have also gone to and listened to a lecturer.”

Harris-Perry then asked why the brothers’ religious faith is automatically seen as the most plausible explanation for why they carried out the attacks.

“I keep wondering — is it possible that there would ever be a discussion like, ‘Oh, this is because of Ben Affleck and the connection between Boston and movies about violence?’” Harris-Perry said. “And, of course, the answer is no. Of course no one will even think this is about those things.”

She’s got us there, white folks. Isn’t it just as plausible they were angered by a bad performance of “The Turkish March”? In the world of pseudo-academics, it is indeed.

Warning: the following may provoke rage and violent acts – view with caution


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From our Irish correspondent

As he puts it, “Direct, unobstructed water views”. Kingston Rhode Island homes for sale, cheap.



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Speaking of clothing items, here’s one for AJ and the Canucks

An otherwise dull article about mens fashion in the WSJ (why was I reading it?!) mentioned a term I hadn’t heard before, the “Canadian Tuxedo” – denim jacket matched with blue jeans. That’s my kind of style, so I looked for a representative sample. Cool.

Rock and roll, baby!

Rock and roll, baby!

(Other styles here)

And here’s der Bingle in his original Levi Tux

Crosby Tuxedo


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Coming soon – perfect graduation gift for your Brunswick commie nephew

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.39.09 PM


April 21, 2013 · 11:52 am

Friends of Bomber #1 arrested again for further questioning

Hard to believe the feds could locate these two when they were hidden so well.

A subtle clue

A subtle clue


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You do and we’ll beat you like a red headed stepchild.

So just cut it out, ya freakin' grease ball!

So just cut it out, ya freakin’ greaseball!

NYPD top brass warns supervisors to stop teasing their Irish cops with red hair. “The Irish are an incredibly sensitive race,” explains federal EEOC spokesman spokeswoman spokesperson, “and even the toughest policeman needs protection from bullies. From now on, sergeants and lieutenants who wish to discipline those serving under them must only threaten to “beat them like a rented mule.”

PETA was unavailable for comment.


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Boy voluntarily vacuums; rare genetic disorder diagnosed


A manly man demonstrates proper male housecleaning

A manly man demonstrates proper male housecleaning

“Next to a fondness for dishwashing,” says noted psychiatrist Chuck Norris, “it’s the surest diagnostic marker for severe mental illness.” 


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