Attention homeowners

A reader sends along this message from our P&Z:

Classic Email from P&Z today:
“Hello All — I’m writing to our frequent applicants regarding submittals of CAM [Coastal Area Management – any project within 600? Something like that – feet of the water.  Ed] applications in the coming months. Review times of CAM’s have increased due to an increase in application submittals over the last year, in addition to the required engineering review of most new projects based on the revised Drainage Manual. In addition to this, Katie Deluca, who has reviewed 95% of CAM submittals, will be out on maternity leave for a while. In light of this, we are anticipating longer review times in the coming months and therefore are requesting that when you submit CAM’s, please submit a time extension at the same time. This will help avoid lapses in deadlines. Based on State Statutes, if a CAM application deadline lapses (65 days after receipt of application, with an additional 65 days of extension possible), the CAM can be considered denied, so it is in the applicant’s best interest not to have the deadline lapse. Thank you and you can contact me with any questions. In Katie’s absence, Marek and Pat will be reviewing CAM’s. A sample blank CAM extension form is attached below.”

New rules are enacted, regulation becomes more stringent and the town is completely unprepared to do their job….

This affects you, oh homebuyer, because if you’re considering buying a house even remotely close to the water, you can now plan an extra six months to the permitting process. We’re probably well over a year now for most projects, and it’s getting worse.


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10 responses to “Attention homeowners

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, it is
    [Edited for commenter’s own protection]
    “Too soon?”

  2. Anonymous

    if i had gazillions of f.u. money, i’d just do the work. what’s the worst that would happen, cops barricade a house preventing tradesmen from entering? that’d be a great news story in & of itself: taxpayer money wasted to deal with constructions issues of a homeonwer frustrated by endless delays and inept bureaucracy. i’d then sue the city and every p&z person personally.

    besides, them economy-driving lawyers gotta eat, right? help a barrister out!

    • Inagua

      That’s precisely what happened in Santa Barbara about 20 years ago when P&Z started to give Adnan Khashoggi a hard time about a permit application to fence in his property. He ignored the County and built the fence.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for watching my back Chris!

  4. Mickster

    So every time Katie gets knocked up all Coastal permits (and businesses that live off the construction work that results!!! – Garden Catering etc etc) grinds to a halt and it’s the applicants responsibility to make sure the application doesn’t lapse even though it’s the Town that’s causing the delay…..what a great country..lmao
    You can’t make this stuff up…

  5. Anonymous

    “A sample blank CAM extension form is attached below.”

    How bout a menstrual cycle cheat sheet, a la moon and tides?

  6. Anonymous

    The average town citizen has no clue how Town Hall works or should I say how poorly it works.

    For the Record though Katie is one of the better one’s, she works hard and is pleasant to work with. The others are a complete crap shoot.

  7. Anonymous

    Why then Old Greenwich so popular? Even places like Shorelands and Edgewater where most of the houses are located near the water (floods) but have no view?

  8. Anonymous

    If anybody dare say something bad about one of the most competent and nicest people ever to work for the Town they’ll have to deal with me personally! Louis Van Leeuwen, and most of you know where I live!