Lets send our federal agency heads to China. At their own expense,of course

GSA Junket, Las Vegas, 2012

GSA Junket, Las Vegas, 2012

Angry mob crashes official’s party, forces him to apologize on his knees for wasting the people’s money.

Zhang apparently begged for forgiveness — another image posted to the internet shows Zhang on his knees, apologizing to the angry hoards through a megaphone.

According to China.cn.org, Zhang has now been fired from his position, with local authorities saying he didn’t follow guidelines for official spending.

Zhang is reported to have spent 6,830 yuan ($1,105) for all of the tables at the banquet, and the Financial Times says that the meal came out at at 250 yuan ($40) a head.

While that figure may not sound too expensive to New Yorkers, outside of Beijing or Shanghai such a figure would seem absurd to many ordinary Chinese citizens. Unfortunately, it also comes during new President Xi Jinping’s new austerity drive.

No more Las Vegas junkets? Ha – here in the land of Democracy our leaders keep up their spending while punishing ordinary citizens who question their profligacy. I’m not recommending the Chinese “bullet in the head, send the bill to the widow” school of government chastisement, but maybe we should experiment with it, however briefly.


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2 responses to “Lets send our federal agency heads to China. At their own expense,of course

  1. Al Dente

    Bullets cost too much. Throw them off a high bridge.