Price disclosed

44 Winthrop44 Winthrop Road, Riverside, new construction, sold yesterday for $3.875 on an asking price of $4.195. No yard to speak of, 0.4 acre, but what do you expect for $4 million? Until now, by the way, I hadn’t realized that “custom built to perfection” could be applied to a spec house built for the general public, but what do I know? I’m off to don my custom built Levis and drive around in my custom built Honda.


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13 responses to “Price disclosed

  1. Anonymous

    Heh what happened to the custom built Lockwood and Meade website? Or is FF just riding off the coat tails of this blog.

  2. Curious

    Do You know who the builder was?

  3. Anonymous

    What do you think of the listing at Deep Gorge Road – is that too custom built to be succesful in Greenwich? Location isn’t optimal, but looks like a great house.

  4. AJ

    That’s a lot of money for the wrong side of the tracks.

    • The neighborhood is definitely going more upscale, but when the lots are too small to accommodate even a one-car garage, I’m pretty sure there’s a ceiling. Of course, not many homes in NYC have their own garages but, so far at least, the OG/Electrolux area is not Manhattan.

  5. Anonymous

    If it really is 7400 sq. ft
    Then 3.8 is low for new construction.

    Especially after the Weston hill house or the new one on Hendrie went for closer to 900-1000 bucks/sq. ft

    This one on Winthrop (which is a nicer, quieter street than these other two)
    Is a sweet deal!

    • 7,400 means a lot of it is buried underground. But, while it does seem to be the new price for that area of Riverside, calling it “a sweet deal” is ludicrous. Except for the builder/seller, of course.

  6. Anonymous

    Sweet if I had the cash to do it that is!
    Certainly a better deal than getting a lot for 1.8 and getting hosed by a builder for 2 years and 5 million later for the same house.

  7. So this house trades for $525 sq foot; this would put 24 Marks at $2.6MM, down 23% from where it is listed, and 25 Druid at $2.9MM, down 8% from here. What do you make of that?

  8. Marta Stroll

    Okay, Chris, I stand grammatically corrected regarding the term “custom-built”. What I was attempting to convey was that the builder constructs a terrific house with quality features often found only in custom homes. He has, thus far, never built the same design twice, opting instead to customize the home to the individual site and surrounding neighborhood. Over the years, his projects have always focused on quality in both design and finish. During showings and open houses, I have often stated that were I to ask him to build a home for me, I could easily give this builder my hard-earned money, leave the country, and know I would return to a gorgeous custom-built (proper usage here, I assume) gem. So, lesson learned: the Levis are only custom after several washings and the Honda only made unique when adorned with fuzzy dice.

  9. G'wich Transplant

    Who was the builder?