The more things change, the more they stay the same

Well I didn't do anything, THEY did!

Well I didn’t do anything, THEY did!

Wetlands Chairman Lawrence Perry tossed out after  approving temporary road permit through the Zaccheus Mead neighborhood.  Where’s the change? Well the decision related to land owned by the Rockefeller family and fifty years ago, that would have been the end of the matter. But with no Rockefellers left in town, their clout has diminished. Tesei, having received his marching orders, threw poor Lawrence to the wolves.

And the thing that’s remained the same: the wealthy still run the town, or at least as much of it as the Cos Cob mafia permits them to.

Drew Mazullo (Cos Cob) was the deciding vote in Perry’s dethroning, by the way, but I’m guessing that was motivated by the perception in Cos Cob that Perry was ready to approve the Synagogue.


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22 responses to “The more things change, the more they stay the same

  1. Anonymous

    In the battle between old money and new money, new money always wins.

  2. Mickster

    Sidney is now “goodfriends” with Thies ? – politics as usual, I assume.

  3. annonymous

    With respect to the Zaccheus Mead issue, why should the Rockefeller’s have been permitted to build a road through wetlands to their upcoming development using antiquated Forestry Management exemptions when other (tax-paying!) residents of this town are held to much more onerous standards? Like many wetland issues that involve land development, the consideration of this decision was made after both parties were no doubt pushed to spend serious funds in an attempt to ensure that all issues and facts were given ample consideration by our wetlands board. After all, wetlands decisions should be made on the merits of the land use at hand, not on if you are mere resident of this town or a “connected” developer.

  4. Greenwich citizen

    What did Perry actually say to Theis about
    the synagogue? What is Theis talking about?

  5. Concerned citizen

    Isn’t Theis friends with Goodfriend?

  6. Balzac

    Different subject, but when Democrats commit voter fraud on behalf of Obama in 2008, does anyone care? Can you imagine the press reaction had W done this:

  7. Reader

    Does anyone really believe Tesei was going
    vote in favor of Perry?

  8. Riverside resident

    Tesei tossed Perry and his two colleagues
    on the board to the curb. Theatre at it finest. Throw them all out I say!

  9. FF

    The amusing thing is that they never have the stones to vote “no”, but instead Peter will offer to move the nomination forward, then neither of the other two selectmen will second the motion, thus causing it to fail. Then, Peter will say how sorry he was, that he tried to move it forward but there was no second. And the other Selectmen will say that they never actually voted against the person, don’t you know. If Perry gave 14 years of free labor to Greenwich, he at least deserves the dignity of a vote

  10. anonymous

    I wonder if Tesei’s kids just got a free ride into Country Day?

  11. Anonymous


    Drew was deciding vote and FF (DTC chair ) was the agent on both sides of the sale of Osee Place – please conflicts???

    South Cos Cob

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Tesei put his kids in private? wow. That is “beyond…”

    • Cos Cobber

      No, I don’t believe his kids are in private school now. Someone else here would know better, but I have seen him several times dropping his kids off at Cos Cob elementary. If he has moved his kids, which I don’t believe is correct, it would have been very recent, like in the past 60 days.