McCain and Biden Agree: expose, prosecute US forces who “tortured” prisoners

It took me a minute to figure out that they were talking about our guys interrogating their guys but by golly, they are. After first agreeing that we should be looking for “lone wolf” terrorists, the new Obama buzzline for “not Islamic, that’s for sure, because you know, Al Qaeda’s like, gone, man”, the boys turn to weightier matters:

McCain followed up by saying that those who tortured U.S. prisoners, in violation of the Geneva convention, should be exposed and be held responsible to prevent repeated abuses.

Biden agreed with the man once held as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. He said the internal debate in Congress and at the White House is how things got to that point, but it’s not yet resolved.

They aren’t speaking of Al Qaeda sawing off Daniel Pearl’s head, they want to prosecute the men who went after the executioners.

We’re in the best of hands.


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18 responses to “McCain and Biden Agree: expose, prosecute US forces who “tortured” prisoners

  1. Appeal to a higher authority Bourke

    Can he get pardoned by Obama? Wasn’t George Mitchell, a Democrat, Bourke’s best Maine friend?

    • I’m not sure why you’re taking such delight in this man’s misfortune. Bourke was convicted of violating the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act, a law only Congress and our Department of “Justice” could love. It has no guidelines, permits the testimony of criminals outside the jurisdiction of the United States (and thus free from the exposure of cross-examination) and has 100% conviction rate because, basically, the law is whatever a federal prosecutor says it is.
      I’ve never met Bourke, so I have no idea whether he’s a good man or bad, but I do know that sending anyone to jail for a year and fining him $1 million for violating this law is a miscarriage of justice.

      • Bourke Smart, but too smart

        Bourke should have listened to Webb, a prominent lawyer on his case early. He could have pleaded and got less time. Bourke didn’t listen to him when the jig was up.

        Bourke didn’t research Kozeny very well either. Like many in Greenwich, greed gets the upper hand in judgement. Make bad decisions. Like many in Greenwich, people always looking for the easy buck.

        I hope Bourke had a lawyer with him when he was initially questioned. He probably didn’t. You can’t outsmart the government. The best strategy is just to avoid them by not getting into risky deals.

        If Bourke wants to risk it all, he also has to accept the consequences. He does not know how to play it small so he can have it all. Bourke wants to be the big guy but it all turns out to be a lie.

        The country club only teaches people to pretend to be something they are not. You can never beat the government, Bourke was stupid to even try.

        Still Bourke is just another person who is rich and should have renounced his US citizenship long ago to stay away from US tax laws and the US government would have never been able to go after him.

        Lesson to the super rich: renounce your US citizenship!

        • It was such a preposterous case that no normal person would believe he could be in jeopardy. A lawyer familiar with this outrageous law and its 100% conviction rate may well have advised otherwise, but I can understand how a lay person would balk at pleading guilty to something this insane. Of course, that’s because people of his age were brought up to believe that, deep down, the government was an instrument for good. Hahahhahha

        • $1,000 mistakes

          I guess I am grateful I just make $1000 mistakes, not million dollar mistakes. I feel bad for the guy because all the government does is tread on you. Where have I seen that flag before?

  2. anon

    McRINO needs to retire. He was a hero in Vietnam but the man is a crazy bad politician. Yesterday Biden said McRINO would have beaten Obama had the economy not tanked. McCain wants us in war all day every day – he’d even have us declaring war on the peeps who trashed the New Canaan debutante car.

    I wonder if these two guys are having a bromance or if its just Biden courting McCain for later use when/if Biden runs in 2016. Either way – ewwwww.

    • If just being in the war and getting captured makes one a hero, then I guess he was — I think the bar should be set a little higher than that, myself; for example, the recently posthumously honored Fr. Emil Kapaun — but there’s only so long someone can play that card (it’s apparently McLoser’s version of Jesse Jackson’s race card), and it doesn’t make him a defense expert.

  3. Senator McCrazy’s Naval Acadamy experiences and his subsequent career as a Naval Aviatior were influenced heavily by the fact that both his father and grandfather were Admirals, and important ones at that. He “graduated” near the bottom of his class and distingushed himself in combat by shooting his mouth off more than anything else. Not a nice man.

  4. Anonymous Citizenette

    Geez, McCain turned out to be some grade-A douchebag. It’s very challenging being a Republican right now.

    • anon

      Amen to that.

      Just think, if we were card-carrying Dems, we’d be part of tonight’s WH “Correspondents” Dinner. Seen so far, singer Psy (he of Open Condom fame). Speilberg. Barbra Streisand. Kevin Spacey. Nicole Kidman. Scarlett Johansen. Ashley Judd (duh). They are all correspondents, aren’t they? Isn’t there a sequester? I can hear Obama’s opening joke now:
      Did ya hear the one about the Chechan family that we got warned about repeatedly?

  5. Green Mtn Punter

    As Leslie Winkle said to Sheldon Cooper: “Dumbass!” The Know Nothings know nothing of Versailles so that reference went way over their heads. Present situation actually more analagous to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.The country is seething with resentment against the “Court” in Washington.

  6. We should follow the “rules of war” every bit as much as our opposition does.

  7. to quote one of the YouTube commenters, “is he the coolest president or what?” i was sorta thinking ephemeral…

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Where are you, you douche? On the lam with Ms. McBeal? Dipping it while she is whipping it? Nothing wrong with that, you little pervert!!

    But your blog has been slow. I miss your drivel, you little homo. So you should give me admin rights. That way, we will keep the momentum flow of this discussion cesspool flowing, while you are doing obscene things with your microscopic little ding dong. It is important to post timely topics, and keep an ongoing discussion amongst your blog community. What is the singular for community Dude?

    Anyhows, this is why the British press is better than ours. I like the British press, because they write in American. Unlike the gooks. And they have pictures!! So look at this. WARNING!! It shows breasticles, of a heinous kind, but I post it as a public service. SO QUIT YOUR BITCHING!!

    Dude – This is the face of Obamacare. He is going to ruin it for all of us. Bronskys will disappear. IT IS TIME TO REVOLT!!
    Your Pal,