Yes, it’s come to this

OMG! Run away!

OMG! Run away, Carolyn!

UConn Fluke protests new Husky mascot because it frightens her and thus promotes rape.

The new logo for the University of Connecticut’s sports teams is a terrifying husky dog that calls to mind images of sexual assault, says one student.

The new logo was unveiled last week, receiving mixed-to-negative reviews from UConn fans who preferred the older, cuter husky dog.

But one student went much further, criticizing the new, meaner logo for being a pro-rape symbol.

In an open letter to UC President Susan Herbst, self-described feminist student Carolyn Luby wrote that the redesigned team logo will intimidate women and empower rape culture.

Luby wrote, “What terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them.’ And I know I am not alone.”

The logo and the teams it represents are menacing to women, she wrote.

The next time you hear of a proposal to cut UCONN funding, and the politicians rise as one to denounce the idea, describing higher education as critical to the future of this state, think of Miss Luby; it is she, not some dumb dog, who is the true face of modern higher education.


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14 responses to “Yes, it’s come to this

  1. Just_looking

    This is our country now. The path here was paved by many choices, the outcome is hardly surprising.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what frightens me? I mean besides you. Women who wear Uggs. I mean grown women, not the hot little teens, who look good no matter what they wear.
    It shows they have no self-respect, that they have given up caring, and will be willing to die in a fight, because they just don’t give a shit anymore. About anything, but particularly themselves. So that spells danger with a capital D.

    And male flight attendants. You just know they are a little bit off, right? They wanted to be nurses or ballerinas, but they have no skill set, and selling dirt just didn’t appeal to them, so what else was left? They can’t drive cabs, because the dot heads and Paki’s took all those jobs. So they are an unhappy lot, and can snap at the littlest perceived slight.

    And deaf people. They are always pissed off. Have you noticed that? Blind people are cool, and much more relaxed. But deaf people are always angry, and seem ready to snap at any moment. Maybe because people are always yelling at them? And I would rather be deaf that blind. What would you pick, Helen Keller?

    What scares you Dude? Besides a split commission?
    Your Pal,

  3. Xyzzy

    She was raped. Are you seriously suprised that such an event might prejudice the way she views the world? I feel bad for her. She doesn’t deserve the attacks and rape jokes she is getting thrown at her now. She has an opinion. point out its faults don’t attack the person making it.

  4. Al Dente

    The Miami Dolphins are changing their mascot/logo to an effeminate non-aggressive fairy fish. They haven’t won anything since ’72 so this will no doubt inspire them to play even more like girls.

  5. Anonymous

    From her letter:

    “Dear President Susan Herbst,

    I write to you today as a UConn student, but more specifically as a UConn woman and feminist….”

    So what’s she proposing? The UConn Pussies? That’s a logo I want to see.

  6. Fred2

    I checked carefully and based on studies in my head that stylized dogs face is definitely a female dog, a bitch to use the technical term.

    And if it’s a symbol of rape and violence, surely having the victim so proudly displayed as their symbol of defiance should appeal to the loonies.

    Oh, please. Why do people like that get any attention other than some counseling and some drugs to take the edge off?

  7. Riverside Chick

    Any publicity is good publicity. She trying to make a name for herself and wants to be interviewed by the morning shows to tell everyone how great and smart she is. Sadly, it will probably work.

  8. anon

    If she’s related to the old Chevy dealerships of the same last name, she has a mountain of old ads she can use for her campaign against UCONN.

  9. CatoRenasci

    Gotta say I liked the old UConn puppy better than the mad dog version, but who really cares? Back in the day, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the student body voted by a substantial margin to change name of the teams from the “Gauchos” to the “Roaches” – but the administration objected to the representation of a left-over bit of an illegal substance as a mascot. Some of the athletes even got their panties in a twist because they thought the vote meant that’s all anyone would pass them unless they won – which was an infrequent occurrence before they became a beach volleyball power.

    • Anonymous

      Similar at Stanford, when the PC police decided that the Stanford “Indians” would no longer do. The students voted for the “Robber Barons,” before the Committee on Blandness selected “Cardinal,” the color.

      • CatoRenasci

        IIRC, that was a couple of years after Santa Barbara did its decidedly more counter-cultural thing. I remember the brouhaha over the Indians and seeing the “Chief” (who was a real Native American) at the Big Game every year as a kid. As I recall he was none-too-happy to be out of a job.