Too much information

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.00.51 PMNBA player comes out of the closet, Business Insider has one word to describe it: “huge”.  That’s a mouthful.


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24 responses to “Too much information

  1. LAK

    Better than being a terrorist

  2. burningmadolf

    Sweeps season?

  3. Hey, he also announced that he’s black — why downplay that part of the story? Racist media!

  4. ajnock

    Why is the fact that he is a homosexual such news? Why does he think we give a crap? Why must we have to know he likes to travel the Hershey Highway? What self-indulgent narcissism

  5. Anonymous

    Sounds like a good person. That’s probably unlike 3/4 of the NBA, who have rap sheets with priors that only their mamas can be proud of. Ahh, their little angel who finally made it to the show…

  6. burningmadolf

    Just think how his twin brother feels.

  7. Al Dente

    This guy has played for 6 teams in 12 seasons and he is currently an unsigned free agent. If no one signs him, you’ll hear screams and howls from the gay community. Of course they make that noise a lot, but it will get even louder!

  8. The NYT has a story on this too The comments are a hoot, many, like ajnock, say no story and WTF, but the comment below struck me as the epitome of what has become of our country. And I don’t mean it as a compliment:

    Randy, California said: [funny his name is Randy, and no surprise he’s a Californicator!]
    This is not enough. The NY Times must lead the editorial charge to mandate a quota system for hiring LGBTQA athletes. They are not proportionately represented in the NBA and this inequity must not be tolerated. Fairness demands it! (Note: this doesn’t apply to Caucasian players, who constitute only about 25% of the NBA. We must promote/force only the right kind of ‘equality”.)

  9. FF

    Why are you taking this to this degree. A guy is gay, he plays professional sports, feeling free to come out is a news story, like it or not. Did he do it now because he’s on his last go-round in the NBA and having done so gives him some dimension in the marketplace when usually a 34 year old center is off to Europe? Probably. Did he come out because of all the hoopla lately has made it possible for a gay athlete to be met with more support than an involuntary outing might bring? Probably. But when do people of your vantage point decide when and why someone should “temper” their personal marketability because you dont think their approach is politically correct? This guy is trying to make some money/name/further career for himself. I can’t stand the way Glenn Beck pimps for gold criminals by implying the world is coming to an end through endless jihad, but I know he’s trying to make a buck. I know I dont have to buy it. You don’t have to buy into a single thing Collins has to say, but why you should condemn the man for it is the polar opposite in what you seem to believe in so many other spheres. Would seem to me you should just let it go, because those things go away

    • Anonymous

      “Would seem to me you should just let it go, because those things go away.” Been saying that about Obama for years, but it doesn’t happen.

    • Walt

      Dude –
      I never thought I would say this, but I actually agree with Francis on this one. Really. No shit. And this is not satire, like the Randy from California guy.
      The only way I would care about this giant black man being gay was if I was locked in a cell with him. Other than that I could care less. He is doing it for money and publicity, but so what? If it gets him two more years in the NBA, good for him.
      Besides, I could tell by looking at him that he was gay. Five alarm Gaydar alert. I am sure all of his teammates knew. He probably wore a shower cap, stayed in there way too long, wore bikinis instead of boxers, and listened to show tunes instead of rap music in the lockerroom.
      So now he gets major media exposure, a book deal, and nobody will want to guard him closely, so his scoring average goes up.
      A good move on his part.
      Your Pal,

    • I spend some time with sports radio on my commute, and for a year or more I’ve been hearing how all of us barbarians have to wake up and come into the 21st century on this issue.

      If there’s anything I hate, it’s somebody telling me how I “have to” think. That’s why I, for one, am sick of this whole issue and the people involved in it.

  10. Anonymous Citizenette

    That’s what she said. (oops, HE said)

  11. anon4

    this morning, the three networks led with this story. the world is falling apart, benghazi is a scam, obamacare is going to undo us, the boston bombing investigation takes some new turns, even george zimmerman (remember him, that little trayvon martin case) goes to court today, but george stephanopolous feels one athlete who decides to share with us his sexual preference is worthy of an interview? it diminishes the fact that so many other professional athletes who are gay/lesbian – think ice skating, swimming, tennis, golf – understand their sexuality has NOTHING to do with how they win and lose on the playing fields.

  12. What the homophiles are missing in this manufactured news item is the fact that this “need” to announce one’s homosexuality is an implicit testimony of its abnormality.

    For example, if you have a three-legged dog, you probably include that fact when describing it. However, no one goes around talking about his “four-legged dog” — because that is normal. Same thing here.

    • Anonymous

      No, its newsworthy because it suggests that the climate in the country has changed to such an extent that an athlete can come out without it being detrimental to his career. We will know it is no longer newsworthy when people don’t report on it or bother to comment on it in blogs.