Too much time, too much money

Brawl erupts on Everest as Sherpas, western climbers clash. I don’t know from Nepal, but here in the US I’m grateful for the urge so prevalent among hikers to “bag” the highest mountain in any given area, leaving the rest of the neighborhood in piece. Northeast of Taos, for instance, New Mexico’s highest prominence Wheeler Peak stands 13,161 feet above sea level and draws almost every hiker around. Climb the same trail but head east at the fork and you’ll find “Gold Hill”, 12,711 feet high, standing by itself, aloof and private. I climb for solitude and find (most) people annoying, so I’m delighted to let the peak baggers have at it, and settle for a mere “hill”. Here’s a photo that would certainly put me off from the Everest experience, even if I could still accomplish it (ha!)

Ah, wilderness! Line of climbers snaking down Mount Everest conditions

Ah, wilderness! Line of climbers snaking down Mount Everest 


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3 responses to “Too much time, too much money

  1. Publius


    For about 75K the Sherpas will carry you to the top….. and therein lies the problem…… many accomplish it even if they have no business being there

  2. anonymous

    Where is your friend Diane Terry when you need her?

  3. Especially creepy are the many photos of perpetually frozen climbers on the last few miles to the summit. It seems once you are dead the Sherpas have no interest or ability to carry you back down. Check your contract !