Accepted offer on Brookside

111 Brookside

111 Brookside

111 Brookside, asking $3.8 million. A beautiful old (1900) house on 2 acres in the R-12 zone and thus a fantastic amount of land so close to town. $3.8 sounds impressive, and it is, of course, but this house started at $5.9 million in 2010, the depth of the real estate crash here in Greenwich. That wasn’t a price I’d have recommended, nor was it met with enthusiasm by the market.


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6 responses to “Accepted offer on Brookside

  1. burningmadolf

    The pitch of that roof is making me dizzy.

  2. Mickster

    If that’s really R12 zoning then you’re going to see some new construction on Grove and Brookside – guaranteed. Funny that #104 across the street is 1-acre zoning but 101 Brookside that just sold was R12 also – peculiar

    • Hey, I’m just going with what the listing says.

      • Mickster

        Not disagreeing with you – looks like one side of the road is 1-acre zoning and the other is R12 – just think it peculiar.
        2 acres in an r-12 zone with property on 2 streets could create several lots. Kali Nagi is great at that.

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