I believe Walt’s little woman said the same thing about him

“I had no idea he was gay!” Jason Collin’s fiancé expresses surprise. 

“It’s very emotional for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to understand.”

Mrs. Walt adds, “I care about Walt  tremendously and only want the best for him. I want him to be happy for a lifetime and stay true to who he really is, inside and out.”

As do we all, of course.


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24 responses to “I believe Walt’s little woman said the same thing about him

  1. So this is the “courage” and “leadership” praised by David Stern. It almost makes me wish that I still had the slightest bit of interest in the NBA, so that I could lose it again. Ol’ whatshisname over at the equally lame NFL must be throwing a hissyfit that one of his gaggle of overpaid, aged adolescents didn’t pull this stunt first. He needn’t worry about that, though, because he could always become the first commissioner of a pro sports league to prance out of the closet. That would show them!

  2. another stb 4 me

    Does Walt summer in Fire Island – is that what clued the missus? Fat cobra? Can’t wait for “HIS” response – chuckle!

  3. Mark B.

    Am I alone on this, or does anyone else want to tell Jason and every other closet-jumper, “Dude(ette). Nobody cares. PLEASE get over yourself. We don’t care where you plant it.”

  4. i live here

    I enjoy your blog most of the time and read it often, but now and again you disgust me, as do several of your commenters. “Prance?” “Closet jumper”? “Fire Island?” I gather that what passes for humor among some alleged adults is insinuating that a member of the group (in this case, Walt) is a homosexual. Hilarious. I recall the same joke was in vogue when I was in 6th grade. May we expect some good Jew jokes in your next post? Those are always a riot.

    • Ah, you’re just a Nancy Boy

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Did someone request Jew jokes? OK THEN!!

        What’s the difference between a Catholic wife and a Jewish wife?
        A Catholic wife has real orgasms and fake jewelry!

        What do Jewish women make for dinner?

        How do you know when you’re on a Jewish golf course?
        The players don’t yell ‘FORE’ they yell ‘$3.99!’

        What language does a Jewish homo speak?

        Up for some Dead Baby jokes?
        You loser.
        Your Pal,

        • My particular favorite is “how many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb for a Jewish mother?” Answer: None: “I’ll just sit here in the dark.”

    • You think Roger Goodell doesn’t prance?

      This stuff just begs for ridicule. The very fact that some pro athlete feels the need to announce that he’s homosexual is implicit testimony to its abnormality (no one ever talks about having a four-legged dog, but if your dog is missing a leg, you’ll generally mention it when talking about your dog). And even now, he’s not being completely honest, unless in eight years he never got past the hand-holding phase with his girlfriend.

      But anyway, how’s seventh grade treating you, sparky?

      • i live here

        Is it possible that the fact that someone would be averse to publicly admitting his homosexuality is that there appear to exist people like yourself who equate that status with being a three-legged dog? The hatred dripping from these comments is jaw-dropping. I feel like I just blundered into a 1920s Klan meeting in Mississippi. I like this blog as much as anyone else most days, but I think I will live without it.

        • You must have a weak jaw, sparky. There is no hatred in any of my posts, only in your perception of them. I’m not too wild about you, though.

          Homosexuality is abnormal. Nature and common sense tell us this. Acknowledging this is not the same thing as hating those afflicted with same-sex attraction. How “loving” is it to encourage people to engage in acts which are inherently unhealthy? While we’re at it, why not just encourage alcoholics to drink more, pass out candy bars and Big Gulps to diabetics, and start handing out free cigarettes at elementary schools?

      • Sanjay Bigglesworth

        I never realized that being gay was an affliction.

  5. i have to wonder what Magic Johnson thinks about all this.

  6. i live here

    Well let no one say that you fellows are hypocrites. You wear your swastikas proudly and publicly. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person some time. We can “discuss” things.

  7. Anonymous

    In all seriousness, why do people care if other people are gay? How does it affect you? If your religion tells you it is amoral, okay. But so is premarital sex, birth control, and so on….and I’m sure no one would commit those sins!!

    • I can’t think of anything as personal and none of anyone else’s business as one’s sexual preference for someone of the same sex. It is condemned by many religions (except the Episcopalians, of course, but they hold animal blessings and include animists’ songs in their hymn book, so …), but Leviticus also bans eating shrimp and as you note, not too many devout Christians shun shrimp. Even, in my experience, certain born-again fundamentalists of my acquaintance who freely denounce homosexuality. When I’ve pointed out their selective adoption of bible passages, they pretty much just mumble and continue with their snack.

  8. Mark B.

    I wonder if God really intended for our genitalia to have this much authority, to the point where it has become the first thing we assess about each other?

    You meet a man, and your first thought isn’t what color they are, are they a good person or bad, what their occupation is… We point at their crotch and say, “Sssoooooooo, where exactly do you plant that thing? Cuz that’s WAY important to me…”

    And speaking of pointing at crotches, how about vaginas? (Yeah how ABOUT them vaginas…)
    Well, it’s coming down to the wire with abortion, at least here in NY, that you’re still abortable up to the last minute before you pop outta there.

    So I’m pointing at my wife’s crotch the other day, which of course inspires her to ask me what the —k I’m doing, and I reply “Sweetie, that is one magic piece of equipment you got there. Damn near godlike. It seems you ain’t a human being til you pass out of it, and you ain’t a real man til you pass back in.”

    Mighty special machinery, that is. I take care of a fifty million-dollar aircraft, but it ain’t nothing compared to a run o’ the mill poontang. 

  9. AJ

    As we can see from this version of “Zorro the Most Gay Blade” at 12:15 into the clip, when we hear of “the gaiety of the splendor of Madrid” to which Don Diego responds by withdrawing from his waistcoat, a most gayly decorated doily handkerchief. And at 19:15, when the conversation turns to the most serious nature of local politics, what does Don Diego do, but pull out a silly magician’s parlour trick fan. Don’t be taken in by every gaylord who prances and sashays across the floor: such foppishness may just be feigned, used only as a ruse, as to strike when least expected.

  10. 8 years and she doesn’t know. Or suspect?
    Something about this whole drama is pegging the redline of the bullshit-o-meter.