Next time our power goes out let’s all camp out at Bruce Spaman’s house

Greenwich tree warden claims that CL&P cannot cut down any trees without his specific, tree-by-tree approval. And any that are cut down must be replaced by a new one.

The ridiculous thing about this is that people, including our local pols, all shriek when the town loses power, and blame CL&P. Can’t have it both ways, although being Greenwich, we insist that we can, and deserve to.


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19 responses to “Next time our power goes out let’s all camp out at Bruce Spaman’s house

  1. Anon

    Raise your hand if you bet your last sou that Spaman has a generator at HIS house.

  2. Mickster

    LMAO – did this guy just wake up – CL&P have cut down probably over 50 (could be up to 100) trees already from Inis Arden down through Riverside. Did he not hear the chainsaws up and down the line for weeks now? Rip Van Winkle. Hello?? Can you hear me now??

  3. Cos Cobber

    The tree situation in this town is such a joke.

    1) Next time you are outside of Fairfield County – out there in the real world – take a look at how much trimming other areas do to ensure the power lines are clear and the roadways safe. Not only do we let trees grow 5, 10, 30, 50 ft up over the power lines – in positions that will undoubtably lead to a power failure when the day finally comes for it to fall (hello, all trees eventually fall), but we also let nasty vines and young branches grow right into the lines the sides and below.

    2) We also let large trees grow very close to side streets and secondary roads. Wjile I find this charmingn, you really wont see other communities outside of Fairfield County do this to the degree we permit it. I believe this is because most communities view such trees as dangerous for drivers and another object that is likely to fall during a storm creating more work for clean up crews.

    3) While the town has its own tree crew with all the equipment, I rarely see this crew out in the field. I work in town and drive around quite a bit to all points of town. When I do see our own town tree crew, you wont see a slower set of town employees. They cut one tree down at 11am and call it a day, come back the next day and take the other. A private crew would have both trees down by 11 and would be on the next job. I can think of several town trees that should be trimmed or removed for safey purposes. These are trees that have been in obvious need of attention for several years..

    4) If you want to see everything that is a joke about tree trimming in town, drive Glenville Road from the Eagle Hill School entrance to the Wells Fargo in Glenville and check out of the incredible overgrowth on both the power line and on Rockefeller land opposite the power line. There is also a missing power pole on this street. The utility crews have tied the line using a cable and a tree on a temporary basis that seemingly has been up for 6 months. Are the utilities waiting for Spaman to hand select the tree trimming for this street, probably.

  4. Riverside

    Bravo for him! We need oversight on this issue, as nobody else is watching what these hacks from CL&P are doing!

  5. Martha

    Cos Cobber is right, especially about the vine overgrowth. But, who is responsible for all those 20′ stumps cl&p is leaving in their wake. As a home owner, I would be irate if they left one of those in my front yard. It’ll cost $2000 to remove one of those!

    • I told you before; get a chainsaw and train the Big Swede to use it. Chainsaw: $350. (Tree) trunk removal, $0. Hospital charges are on you.

    • Mickster

      Cl&P were a pleasure to deal with – they wanted to remove 2 trees close to the power line. I said no problem if you also remove 4 others in the back yard that were too tall and menacing. They removed all 6 , ground the stumps, brought in topsoil, grass seed and straw and I’ve got a new lawn.

    • Cos Cobber

      Great point Martha. When the town finally gets around to removing a tree they leave behind a big old stump. Stumps positioned between the side walk and street should be should ground down by the town. All other stumps should just be left behind though, as a cost savings.

  6. FRF

    Just a power struggle.
    Tree wardens chainsaw feeling inadequate, underused, and underpowered is what it really sounds like.

  7. Is “tree warden” a paid position in the Town of Greenwich?

  8. Anonymous

    i cut down two trees last weekend. hey spaman, f.u.

    you can come take my chainsaw…..from my cold dead hands!

  9. Anonymous

    At my previous house, we had two gigantic, old Oak trees. Due to thier proximity to the road, they were deemed to be, “town trees”. I was not allowed to prune them, despite the danger they posed to both my roof and power lines. Repeated calls to Tree Wrden were met with, “we’re under staffed.” No pruning, nothing- they never came.

    • Cos Cobber

      I had the same problem recently with a few small limbs and trimmed it myself – with a hired crew. I’m not waiting for a disaster to befall my property.

  10. Happiness

    Town…. wake up and get on with the jobs we are all paying for!