Sales activity

Four sales, 2 accepted offers.

11 Cardinal Road

11 Cardinal Road

11 Cardinal Road sold for $2.125 million, after starting out 643 days ago at $2.395. Nice house, busy road (my mistake this is away from the main road)

15 Shore Rd

15 Shore Rd

15 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, $1,005,000, asked $1,050,000 twenty-six days ago.

525 River Rd

525 River Rd

525 River Road (the east side of the Mianus River Road), $1.660 million, asked $1.999 million 326 days ago.

22 Nimitz Place

22 Nimitz Place

22 Nimitz Place, Havemeyer, $875,000 in a bidding war – asked $869,000. Nine days.

18 Cat Rock

18 Cat Rock

18 Cat Rock, accepted offer. Priced at $675,000, which probably explains why it spent just 18 days on the market.

28 Leeward

28 Leeward

And 28 Leeward Lane, Riverside, found a buyer even faster than that: 5 days, asked $3.195 million.


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47 responses to “Sales activity

  1. anonymous

    Wow. River Road. A fireplace in the bathtub. That’s cool. And a heated driveway.

  2. anonymous

    The” Butler’s pantry” is a spare sink in the kitchen? Who thinks these names up?

  3. Having a butler pantry in Cos Cob is as absurd as hiring a chauffeur to drive you around town in a Hyundai.

    • toonces

      Oh please. Don’t you know moms are butlers 24/7 and that included Cos Cob moms.

    • Cos Cobber

      hmmm, interesting point of view…my chauffeur does gives me a funny look every morning climbing into my ’88 Jeep Wrangler.

      btw – lots of cos cob new constr has bulter pantries…for storing auto parts and fishing tackle.

      like this place:

      • The heated multi-car garage will assure that both you and Jeeves the Chauffeur can keep your butts warm.

        Btw, you know I am kidding as cos cob does have some wonderful homes .. I think Walt has affected me..

  4. toonces

    Can someone please explain to this real estate newbie how Leeward Lane sold already when they weren’t even showing the house until May 6th? I did my drive by and was hoping to see it then. Inside deal? Someone inside broker office? Oh well.

    • Just_looking

      Hire CF as a buyers agent if you are looking to buy. Then ask him.

      • toonces

        Too late, already hired another fantastic broker and have asked her too. Just thought someone on here might know.

        • Everyone here knows, we just won’t tell you.

        • Mickster

          They were showing before Open House – not so fantastic now, eh? If you’re not using CF, ask your own broker – don’t be wasting our time here.

        • toonces

          So nice Mickster. I am a nice mom from California. No need to be rude.

        • Mickster

          Don’t take it personally. CF is running a business. It gets tiring sometimes to see people pick his brains while using another realtor. I was particularly incensed by someone the other day who thanked him for all his great advice and told him they had bought through someone else. He’s not running a charity.

        • toonces

          So, Mickster, are you saying that Chris’ blog is only for clients of his and agents like you? I’m sorry I didn’t know that. Maybe you don’t realize that people come to Greenwich and choose an agent without first meeting all of them. Maybe Chris has a FAQ I should read before commenting. In any case, since discovering this blog, I have found Chris (and some of the regualr commenters – Mike Finkbeiner for one) to be smart and interesting and on my same wave length, politically speaking. Then, of course, there is Walt.
          Sorry – wasting your time again!

    • Mickster

      I dont want to belabor the point here – you’re probably a lovely person – asking that particular question suggests a) your realtor isn’t taking you seriously; and/or b) your fantastic agent doesn’t know what the hell is going on in the market.
      I just get upset that some people here use CF for advise and then go elsewhere with their business. This is a public forum (subject to CF’s rules) – best of luck in your search. Over and out.

      • toonces

        You haven’t answered my question Mickster – is this forum for clients of Chris’ and agents, or is it a public forum and people represented by other agents are welcome here and allowed to ask questions about real estate? I’ve never felt unwelcome before your comments above. FWIW my fantastic agent didn’t know I was interested in Leeward – I didn’t bother asking early since the listing specifically stated “no showings until May 6th”.
        I am certain I am not the only visitor to Chris’ blog who comes to learn and appreciates both Chris’ wisdom and real estate expertise. And then, of course, there’s Walt. Priceless.

        • Mickster

          Of course this is a public blog moderated and paid for by CF.
          I don’t have the listing in front of me – I’m in the car – but clearly recall there bring a Brokers Open House scheduled for next Thursday 5/9 which I thought far out but the listing did NOT have the SAOH code which would restrict client showings until after that Open House. So, in other words, you would seem to have mis-read it (or maybe I did – although the accepted offer would suggest otherwise). Anyway, a quick call to your realtor would have cleared that up.
          I’m glad to hear that your realtor bears no responsibility here.

        • Toonces, It is my understanding the May 6th date was because the homeowners wanted to get a few things squared away. But builders and other interested parties just started showing up and walking the land and making offers. They had so many offers there was a bid war.

        • Toonces

          George – thank you for telling me that. I knew that I could walk the land. Will consider doing that next tine. Unless walking the land includes peaking in windows with ladders, I wouldn’t have had enough info to make an offer.
          Take care.

      • Anonymous

        Chris comments on closed transactions and ventures opinions on current listings all the time. What are you his big brother? I think he can speak for himself and reply to questions if he wants to or let people deal with their own brokers as he sees fit. The house in point had already sold so I personally don’t see the harm in asking the question. Maybe the buyer will switch to Chris if he chooses to help her out.

        • Toonces

          Thank you Anonymous 11:41am. Cheers!

        • Mickster

          You’re absolutely right – my bad. CF can take care of himself.

          Toonces should be able to ask any questions here freely.

          Apparently, she and her realtor were the only ones in town who didn’t know the house could be shown before the OH – “already hired another fantastic broker and have asked her too”.??? – someone below says they had 7 offers – must have had many more showings…

          I really wish her well in her search.

        • Toonces

          Mickster: Yes I said “have asked her too”. I asked here and then asked my broker too. Since it was the first she’d heard of my interest she said she’d find out right away. Leeward is/was above our price point so she wouldn’t have known I was interested until I told her. Which unfortunately was after home had the AO. So, please don’t besmirch my realtor’s rep. by insinuating she does not know what is going on. Call me clueless – that’s OK – I am new at this! But no need to insult another broker. Given the change in the market since Decemeber (which a certain Mickster has been heralding) I see now that you have to be aggressive. Shouldn’t be too tough since the supply is so limited. Peace, Mickster. You’re one of the people whose comments I enjoy reading and learning from.

          • Mickster

            Peace to you, too Toonces – I have the highest regard for most realtors in town and would never knowingly besmirch anyone’s rep. I feel I misjudged your motives of luck

  5. Anonymous

    Why is Havemeyer so trading so quickly these days at elevated levels? Looks like a new listing on Arnold $1.135mm.

  6. Anonymous

    ShedLess–that comment made me laugh. So true.

    • Well you gotta keep up appearances with the other North Mianus Elementary/EMS/GHS kids who don’t have the Cos Cob address and thus paid twice as much money for half the house and yard. Yeah, I know you can walk to town but Cos Cobbers get some privacy and quiet.

  7. Anonymous

    I thought Cardinal Road was a cul de sac. Is #11 on the corner of Fairfied?

    • I blew it – there’s a similar house on Fairfield. I’ll correct that.

      • toonces

        no reply option to your response above (curious) – so I’ll reply here. Comon’ Chris – you know I didn’t know how fabulous you were until I discovered this blog recently!

    • Anon58

      Huge GHS traffic on school days, plus nutty hockey Moms shuttling future Mark Messiers to and from the hockey rink.

  8. Anonymous

    Is there something unethical about broker to broker transactions that I am missing?

    • Absolutely not, although my advice to owners is to expose the house to the full market and not rely on two agents, usually in the same firm, determining market value. But I’ve sold two listings myself over the years to clients from clients. In both cases, though, we’d had them on the MLS, done the broker open house thing and I happened to come up with clients who wanted to buy. Even then, though, I had a different agent represent one of the parties and maintained a Chinese Wall (are we still allowed to call it that?) between my fellow agent during negotiations.
      All that said, if a home owner dreads the idea of publicly listing her property and all the inconvenience and invasion of privacy that entails, and her broker comes up with a buyer at a price the owner is satisfied with, there’s no ethical violation and the owner may in fact be better served, in so far as she avoids what she doesn’t want to undergo.

  9. Anonymous

    Toonces: You go girl! You are right. This is a public blog. Ask what you want. And I like that you are a California girl!

    • Ask and I (almost) always answer. But I did enjoy some of the comments, naturally. That said, I’ve been writing quite a bit about the Havemeyer price explosion this spring and I’m sort of burned out on the subject. There are two possible explanations, as I see it: (1) agents new to town don’t know what the hell they’re doing and are recommending offers that a few years from now will look absolutely insane; or (b) old time residents like myself still carry the memory of Havemeyer being the cheap area in north-of-the-Post-Road Old Greenwich (which is hardly Old Greenwich at all) and are missing the phenomenon of new buyers without the memory of that stigma, who see a perfectly nice neighborhood with affordable homes and jump on them.
      I’m inclined to explanation (b), but I’ll reserve judgement for three years or so.

    • Toonces

      Anonymous 12:06pm – thank you 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Our friends bid on the listing on Leeward Lane. There were apparently 7 competing offers. A sellers market indeed…

  11. bibi

    My folks built a colonial down the end of Pleasant View Place in the fifties. Havemayer was so much fun! The dads got together and bushwhacked a trail down the cliffs and through the woods to North Mianus school and we all walked to school and back that way. That path was a paradise of ladyslippers, jack-in-the -pulpits and mayflowers. The tulip trees stretched to the heavens and we chewed on sassafras roots and picked wild hazelnuts.In the Spring there were ephemeral ponds with tadpole eggs. Havemayer and that path turned me into the naturalist I am today. Kids swarmed between houses like schools of guppies, and the scout troops were fabulous, with the woods right out our back doors.
    If today’s kids in havemayer are having as much fun as we did then, they are lucky indeed.

    • Anonymous

      good grief that post gave me allergies just from reading about all those flowers/plants. good thing chris fountain blog is claritin clear!

  12. Anonymous

    Toonces–did you look at 17 old wagon in havemeyer for $2.05M? Nice house, great street…you have already gauged the appeal of this neighborhood yourself

    • Toonces

      Thank you Anonymous. I will go look at it. Saw that listing but I am always more interested if there are interior pictures. I am one of those people who like the planomatics and floor plans with dimensions.
      How does Havemeyer compare in appeal to the neighborhoods up Riverside Lane? For some reason those feel nicer to me even though Riverside Lane is pretty busy. Random wish – that the anonymous posters would grab numbers so we can tell them apart, but I guess then that’s no longer anonymous… i,e, are you the same anonymous from 11:41, 12:06 or 1:10? None of my business I know so I’ll just say: I appreciate you anonymous people today!

  13. Anonymous

    Interesting comparison as there is lots of builder activity in both of these areas …

    Riverside Lane area: walking distance to stores (but not many); many of the streets are zoned for Cos Cob Elem/Central Middle Schools (while Old Wagon is North Mianus/Eastern Middle; Riverside Lane is a pretty busy street while Old Wagon is nice and quiet. But some houses on Riverside Lane area would have river views which would be nice….

    Yards on Old Wagon/Northridge/Cross Ride are larger and there is a lot of tearing down and rebuilding as the older houses come up for sale–17 Old Wagon has sold rapidly both times its been on the market since it was built, it’s a nice-looking house

    • Toonces

      Thanks Anon – much appreciated. Those are good things to think about. the school zoning is odd. There are homes west of Riverside Lane that are zoned for eastern middle. Have a good evening!