Eating their seed corn

Tastes like chicken

Tastes like chicken

Jamestown cannibals.

That cannibalism occurred during the colony’s “starving time” was never in much doubt. At least a half-dozen accounts, by people who lived through the period or spoke to colonists who did, describe occasional acts of cannibalism that winter. They include reports of corpses being exhumed and eaten, a husband killing his wife and salting her flesh (for which he was executed), and the mysterious disappearance of foraging colonists.

The proof comes in the form of fragments of a skeleton of a girl, about age 14, found in a cellar full of debris in the fort on the James River that sheltered the starving colonists. The skull, lower jaw and leg bone — all that remain — have the telltale marks of an ax or cleaver and a knife.

About 300 people inhabited the fort in November 1609. By spring, there were only 60. The girl, most likely a maidservant but possibly the daughter of a colonist, was one of the casualties.

I’ll refrain from drawing the obvious (even to Dollar Bill) comparison to the ever-expanding socialist system being imposed on us by our government.


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2 responses to “Eating their seed corn

  1. anonymous

    I always wondered what went on at those meetings of the Colonial Dames of America.

  2. AJ

    Oh the horror, look what people used to do. If there is a lesson to be gotten from this, it should be that after several days without food people become animals and will do what it takes to survive.

    Back in the Great Depression, when people were much more self-sufficient, Food sat rotting in the fields because to spend the money to get it to market would have been throwing good money after bad and just increased food producers’ losses. Now people are much less self-sufficient, so what do you think will happen if the supermarkets are empty and the trucks aren’t showing up. Something as simple as a repeat of the 1859 Carrington event could cause such a senerio that could last for years, and what’s the government doing about it? We don’t even make transformers (all of which would have to be replaced) in North America anymore.

    And if think your AR-15 is going to stop an armed swarm of fifty angry, starving youths who are bound and determined to smash and grab everything they can, I think you’ll find that you are dead wrong because the only thing that can save you in that kind of scenario is to find religion just like Rambo’s missionary friends did in the following clip. Fresh meat anyone?