Probably not a list we want to be on

DunceUConn #22 on roster of “25 Universities with the worst professors”. There is a four-year honors program at UConn that’s highly selective and very well regarded. For the great mass of the unwashed, apparently, not so good. Oh well, the Coast Guard Academy does even worse – something in the Connecticut air?


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2 responses to “Probably not a list we want to be on

  1. but keep pension coming

    like typical state worker, nothing about quality, just pass me whats mine.

  2. Anonymous

    Just remember these “gifted” programs at universities are NOT valued or respected in the real world. (know from experience) You resume gets put in the same pile as others from your school etc unless you know someone. HR depts are not educated or there is little incentive to understand the nuance of varying academic programs. My advice: study basket weaving at Harvard!