We’re back

Busy selling real estate today which is, after all, the immediate point of my life these days. I did get to a few open houses and since there’s nothing of note to report in the sales/accepted offer front, here are two new listings that I liked, 11 Bayside Terrace and 9 Tyler Lane, both in Riverside.

11 Bayside Terrace

11 Bayside Terrace

11 Bayside Terrace, $2.095, is that same house I mentioned last year, which at the time I suggested should be renovated rather than torn down. And so it was. I like what they did, and they did it well. Good house, split level and all: it works. Nice yard, walk to school and the train, not particularly noisy at all. I’d really like it if its price didn’t start with a 2, but that’s what negotiations are for. If your price range is generally in this area and you’re looking in Riverside, see this one.

9 Tyler Lane

9 Tyler Lane

Further up the food chain, Peter Fusero’s home at 9 Tyler Lane (off Lockwood) is for sale at $4.165. I can’t remember what the new construction on verona Drive sold for earlier this year but if memory serves, both went for around $4 and if so, there’s your comp.

Except that this has a bigger (1/2acre) yard, and a great pool, plus its own private gate to walk to Eastern and the train. Peter builds an excellent house and I believe, though am not positive, that he built this one with the intention of staying longer. Whatever the circumstances, there’s a great house here.


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7 responses to “We’re back

  1. Is Gideon back in St. Barths or did he just stop updating his blog because he figured out there was very little benefit for all his time spent?

    On second thought, maybe it is more laziness than analytics.

  2. Mickster

    Your taste is in your mouth. Bayside suffers from all those small windows and poor entrance and Tyler has all those columns in front. Both O Brien and Fusaro do a good job inside but each seems to lack style. At $4+ million I want to see the taste and style of whats his face – the Irish/Isreali fighter pilot – Doran. But what do I know..Bayside will probably fly but Tyler ….

    • Anonymous

      FYI-O’Brien is not the builder on this house. It’s Karp Associates out of New Canaan.

  3. FRF

    Bayside the builder bought for just over a million less than a year ago….probably into it for 250-300k
    Even at 1.95 it’s been a solid yr

  4. Stanwich

    11 Bayside also has great neighbors!! Cul-de-sac with a little path to the water, town serviced street, quick walk to train, Eastern and Riverside — what’s not to love.

  5. FRF

    And this house is not one of the 5 or 6 at the bottom recently swallowed up by new FEMA maps