A busy weekend

One sale reported, 3 accepted offers.

230 Valley Rd

230 Valley Rd

230 Valley Road started at $685,000, sold after 323 days for $565,000.

10 Rockland

10 Rockland

10 Rockland Place, Pemberwick (I think that’s out west somewhere), accepted offer, asking $539,000, 28 days on market (DOM).

5 West End Ave

5 West End Ave

5 West End Court, Old Greenwich, asking $970,000, 12 DOM. This house is just 1,824 sq. ft. in size and backs up to the railroad but it was beautifully made by one of the Crossman boyz, Bud or George and is a little jewel of a house. For historical perspective, Bud sold it in 1996 for $400,000.

6 Loading Rock

6 Loading Rock

And 6 Loading Rock Road, $2.450 million, also just 12 DOM. Joanne Gorka’s listing; Joanne’s selling up a storm this spring. I’ve always liked this house and I like the neighborhood, with its community beach on the Mianus. Glad to see it sell so quickly. It didn’t last time around (2008) but it was wildly overpriced – $3.695 million – when it started. It eventually sold 526 days later for $2.350 in 2009, which was more appropriate. Looks like newish Riverside construction, even north of the Post Road, has recovered from the crash, and if any house should lead the way, it’s this one.


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6 responses to “A busy weekend

  1. GreenITCH

    The west end house is not only on train tracks but behind the Bagel shop and Palmer Plumbing parking lots AND sold for 10 % more than it traded at 2005 prices …. very near what I would have thought was the tippy top of real estate ? In all of 12 DOM ….am I wrong this seems like on top of I guess pent up demand , low rates , lack of inventory a faster moving more frothy market then 2002 – 2007 ?

    • In fact, I think West End Court is a quirky, but neat little street. This house is three or four in from the bagel shop parking lot yet you can still get a get a morning bagel while still dressed in your pajamas and slippers. How cool is that?

      • Flash forward

        I think the “walk to town” concept is becoming a goal for seniors and first-time buyers (not to mention walk to train)

  2. Mickster

    Very few choices under a mill in OG and Riv school areas and walkable to train..

  3. FRF

    At this point in the year parents planning their kids education for fall need to lock in housing. I suspect we will see even more silliness as the late spring early summer rolls on.
    Our kids aren’t getting any younger…we just locked one down ourselves in riverside. By the time we are in we’ll barely have time for BBQ house warming and the kids will be back in class…
    What a town!

  4. Cos Cobber

    5 West End Ave makes the most of a limited space…very cute.
    Loading Rock is a very nice home too – of course – very tasteful. Originally this was priced too high for the neighborhood, now with the return of the market and the lower price its making some sense.