Benghazi cover up heats up

What difference does it make now?

What difference does it make now?

The story that won’t die despite the best efforts of administration and its White House scribes reporters in main stream media.

Witness: My jaw hit the floor when I watched [White House] blame You Tube.

Witness: The night of the attack, Hillary and her staff did end run around counter-terrorism bureau.

Discovery: Hillary State Department and White House edited, whitewashed Benghazi emails they supplied to Congressional investigators.

As intelligence officials pieced together the puzzle of events unfolding in Libya, they concluded even before the assaults had ended that al Qaeda-linked terrorists were involved. Senior administration officials, however, sought to obscure the emerging picture and downplay the significance of attacks that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. The frantic process that produced the changes to the talking points took place over a 24-hour period just one day before Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, made her now-famous appearances on the Sunday television talk shows. The discussions involved senior officials from the State Department, the National Security Council, the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the White House.

Seven months late to the game, CBS News chimes in: Administration knew Banghazi was a terrorist attack “from the get go”.

And in what I fear is a wildly optimistic prediction, there’s this prediction:

Benghazi Blues. “No matter what happens with Darrell Issa’s congressional committee meetings this week, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Obama Administration, and the cause is Benghazi. It’s impossible to underestimate the blowback that has been gathering steam for the past seven months, now about to erupt with full force. Few reputations will emerge unscathed, Obama’s presidency will be crippled, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy will be destroyed — and perhaps some new heroes will be born.”

My guess is that Joe Biden’s group is responsible for much of this development. He’s admitted that he can’t run if Hillary does, so it makes sense to go after her now.

Meanwhile, the filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who the White House knowingly, falsely, blamed for causing the slaughter, remains in jail. Vladimir Putin would approve.


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14 responses to “Benghazi cover up heats up

  1. Anonymous

    Did AJ write this post? Definitely lots of unanswered questions regarding Benghazi, but I very much doubt it makes Obama’s presidency any more or less crippled than it already is. As you point out, there could be adverse repercussions for Hillary 2016.

    • Well we can hope. Who’d have thought a simple burglary and its cover-up could bring down a sitting president? And Gordon Liddy killed no one, while Obama sat on his hands and let an ambassador and four brave soldiers die because he didn’t want to risk his reelection prospects by exposing his gun running scheme to Syrian rebels and acknowledging that Osama’s killing didn’t end muslim terror.

    • AJ

      Well, maybe if we’re lucky, this could grow into another Watergate, forcing Obama into resigning or facing impeachment. I think Joe would make a much better President, he’s an affable guy, kind of reminds me of a yellow lab, well suited to snorking around and sniffing butts.

      • It’s obviously worse than watergate, but with none of the alphabet networks to tell the reality tv crowd that it’s bad, it’s hard to imagine Barry or Hillary taking much heat.
        As she once said, “a vast right wing conspiracy” – and she never got called on that.

        • I’ve blocked out the whole day Wednesday to sit and watch the hearings on C-span. Even bought popcorn and jucyfruits for viewing!

          Wizard, to further your correct notion, not one of the three networks tonight in their half-hour “news” mentioned the hearings. NBC led with the limo fire in California. Barry isn’t worried at bit – he was on the links today.

        • thewizardsrevenge

          I held my nose and hit abcnews .com yesterday – nothing.
          Just to confirm what I already suspected.

  2. Atticus

    ..Clinton testified about Benghazi for the first and only time in January of this year, shortly before leaving office. She had long delayed her testimony, at first because she cited the need for the ARB to complete its report, and then because she suffered a series of untimely health problems that included a stomach virus, a concussion sustained during a fall at home, and a blood clot near her brain, from which she has since recovered. However, Clinton was never interviewed by the ARB she convened.
    Read more:

    Now we know why she got the vapors.

    Amazing woman, from the days of her 1st cattle future trade to now, the media makes sure she escapes scurtiny.

  3. AJ

    Looks like maybe we’re about to find out what Hillary did when she got her highly touted 3:00 AM call. When are you guys going to learn that conspiracy theory is probably almost always closer to what really happened than any story you’ll hear on the evening news?

    “I’m smarter than you” Joe Biden would make a much better idiot president than that angry little shit Hillary would. This whole Bush vs Clinton repeating loop is like something out of the Twilight Zone, or Maybe that movie “Groundhog Day”. Hillary has gotten so many free passes and get out of jail free cards — it’s time for her to say farewell, alvederzane, goodbye. What is it with America’s obsession with Bushes and Clinton: I’d rather have the village idiot or even Dollar Bill for president than another Bush or Clinton.

    • I believe you mean you’d prefer to have another village idiot.

      • AJ

        When Dollar Bill is speaking, does he always place his hand on his heart to express how extremely sincere he is? Because I kind of get that from his posts, and it’s mostly kind of a Democrat thing.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    The government has lost ALL CREDIBILITY. It is no longer here to serve the people. It is the people serving them. It is the antithesis of what the Founding Fathers wanted.

    The Slum terrorist attack on the US embassy in BenGazzara is a perfect example of this. The American public was lied to and mislead by a corrupt administration of EPIC proportions. And they failed MISERABLY in their primary role – protecting the lives of its citizens.

    And the MSM is a direct enabler in allowing this to go on. They are nothing more than propaganda tools, a jerk off sock puppet that is stroked by the Government. Nothing more. They are a disgrace.
    They said the BenGazzara killings were attributable to Muslim rage over a bad movie!! Well I have seen some pretty bad flicks in my time, that REALLY pissed me off, but if they really did kill someone over a movie they didn’t like, shouldn’t we all consider this an overreaction? YA THINK??

    If it really WAS due to the Slums not liking a movie, DOESN’T THAT TELL US THEY ARE ALL BAT SHIT CRAZY!! SHOULDN’T WE HAVE A REAL PROBLEM OVER THAT!! The worst thing I have done is tossed my popcorn over a bad movie. Killing an Ambassador seems a little harsh for a critic, doesn’t it?


    But Barry wouldn’t allow it to be called “Islamic Terrorists”. WHICH IT WAS!! Because it was a few weeks before the election, and he never wants to insult his Slum brothers. SO THEY CHOSE TO LIE INSTEAD!! And allow an Ambassador to die. AND WE SHOULD TRUST THEM!!

    His conclusion is that the American people are morons, which is offensive, but probably correct. And he knows he is beyond reproach, because he is black, and to question anything he does is racist.

    But is it possible this really is about a movie? Perhaps it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma? Who can possibly see through this shroud of mystery and intrigue? CALLING AJ!! STAT!!

    Why do they not like BenGazzara? Is it possible they have not seen “The Big Lebowski”? IS THAT POSSIBLE?? JACKIE TREEHORN DUDE!!

    Or “Capone”? “If Its Tuesday This Must Be Belgium”? “BRIANS SONG”? I cried like a little bitch watching that one, Dude. I may have also wet my pants, but keep that between us. And Shelly Fabares was in that too! She of “The Donna Reed” show hotness, and many a boys first toss off!!

    How many hours did you waste rubbing one out to her?
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • “Perhaps it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma?”

      Or maybe an omelet wrapped in a frittata, stuffed inside an egg foo young — like a cheesy yellow turducken with green specks here and there.

      But on to more serious matters, namely, the phrase “bat shit crazy”. I was listening to a podcast a couple weeks ago and heard one of the speakers describe someone as being “literally bat shit crazy”. How is that even possible? What would it look like? Is a dog whistle more high-pitched than a ripe eggplant is purple?

      Also, I have to agree that the Zero admin just isn’t even trying hard. It almost makes one miss Slick Willie, who at least had some panache to his whoppers. I mean, Mr. Blythe even questioned the English language — “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”… those were the good old days, when Democrat presidents took a little pride in lying to the American public. Nowadays, it’s just, well, spew out the first thought that comes to mind, and rely on the lapdog media to provide cover. I mean, sure, it’s effective, but it’s insulting to the idiots who voted for him. They deserve better quality lies form their fuhrer (not really).

  5. Anonymous

    Gotta go with Walt on this one, someone at State should have known this was not well thought out and good ol’ Harry Truman had that sign on his desk for a reason. The movie was the best they could come up with? Please.