If it wrecks the life of just one child ….


We demand more of what we deserve

We demand more of what we deserve!

Head Start administrators complain of Obama Care’s ruinous expense.

Head Start teachers and administrators told The Daily Caller that their most pressing concern is not budget impacts from sequestration but changes coming from President Barack Obama’s health-care law.

In 2014, the impact of 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “is probably going to be a 9 percent [cost] increase, and significantly more the next year,” said Nancy Nordyk, director of the Head Start program in southern Oregon.

Rising healthcare costs will likely force Oregon to reduce some Head Start workers’ hours so they’re not eligible for the medical program, said Nordyk, who spoke to TheDC during a national Head Start conference held just outside D.C. in Maryland.

My headline, of course, is a joke: As countless studies have demonstrated*, Head Start has never improved the skills, academic or life, of a single child since its inception in the mid – 60s. But it does serve, as intended, as an employment service for illiterate inner city “teachers”, so if, say, 20% of those people are retuned to the welfare rolls, they’ll probably be pissed.

Which serves them right: they voted for Obama care figuring someone else would pay for it and now they’re discovering that there is no “someone else”. Ain’t education grand?

* Including Obama’s own task force on the matter.

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  1. I remember George H. W. saying when running for reelection, “when they say they’re going to tax the rich, hold on to your wallet, cause they’re coming after YOU”.

    Always seems to hold true.