Shocker: NYT reporter travels to girl’s funeral to mock grieving town and gets beaten up

Don’t these rednecks know it’s their duty to serve as fodder for north eastern sophisticates’ amusement and smug superiority? Reminds me of those cannibals in New Guinea who ate the anthropologists sent to document their backward lives.


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18 responses to “Shocker: NYT reporter travels to girl’s funeral to mock grieving town and gets beaten up

  1. Gary misch

    We’re all supposed to perform, and act normal for them. That was even true on the battle field. Perform for them, but make sure they don’t get hurt.

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    That little girl was born into a family of idiots. The parents and grandparents should be prosecuted for any number of infractions, though living in a trailer is not one of them. Don’t make them out to be some kind of victims here, they caused her death through their own gross negligence.

    • Anonymous

      Same amount of nasty judgmental invective for affluent suburbanites who have a tragic fatal backyard swimming pool accident?

      • New Buyer

        You miss the key aspect of this tragedy. That little boy “owned” that gun — Grandma thought it was smart to give a five-year-old boy a gun for his birthday. A fully operational Crickett rifle marketed for kids. The mother claimed the gun was in a safe spot when she briefly stepped outside, but clearly a loaded rifle was left in that child’s reach. Yes, I judge this family — harshly. Just I would harshly judge “affluent suburbanites” who thought it smart to leave a 5 and 2 year old alone to swim in a pool by themselves because they had taken a few swim lessons. Both are examples of stupid, reckless behavior. No responsible gun owner approves of this family’s behavior — they keep their guns locked up and out of the hands of children.

        • Again – and again: if the NYT wanted to cover stupid people they’d be staked out at our nation’s Capitol or that rehab center waiting for Lindsay Lohan to arrive. They went to Kentucky to cover a child’s funeral solely for the ghoulish amusement of their readers.
          Irresponsible parenting? Surely, but the Times wasn’t interested in the story because of that.

        • New Buyer

          Beyond the horror of poor of a baby’s death, what makes this case “newsworthy” is that (1) a five-year-old child owned a gun, (2) the gun was made and marketed for young children, and (3) those interviewed from that Kentucky community saw nothing wrong with children owning guns. Should the press have respected this family in a time of mourning? Of course. Should the press have written about a child gun culture that many Americans do not even know exists? Absolutely. Guns in the inner city as well as shootings by and of children deserve better coverage, but no one in the inner city gets interviewed and says, “Well, all of our children have guns in the housing projects. It is a part of life up here in the urban North. Nothing wrong with it.”

          • Here’s EOS’s comment on tomorrows’s Benghazi hearings. I reprint it here to demonstrate why some of us dislike the media. They’ll flock to Kentucky to “expose a culture many Americans don’t know exist” while ignoring a real issue that those Americans who rely on that media for news also don’t know exist. One is important, one is trivial – go with trivial if you prefer.

            From EOS:

            I’ve blocked out the whole day Wednesday to sit and watch the hearings on C-span. Even bought popcorn and jucyfruits for viewing!

            Wizard, to further your correct notion, not one of the three networks tonight in their half-hour “news” mentioned the hearings. NBC led with the limo fire in California. Barry isn’t worried at bit – he was on the links today.

      • David Smith

        Yeah, but swimming pools, 5 gallon buckets, swings, cars, crossing walks, prescription medicines, cleaners, knives, rope, etc. etc. etc. don’t threaten the creation of a “perfect state”.

    • I’m not talking about the parents, I’m talking about the media exploiting the tragedy to sell advertising.

      • peg

        Indeed. There are dozens of stories about idiots on the left – but you rarely read about these in the press. (Of course, part of the reason is the majority of “journalists” don’t even realize how idiotic they are!)

        As for the family – purportedly they thought the gun wasn’t loaded. Count me in with those who think that it does not make sense for small children to ever have access to a gun. Nevertheless …. I can imagine scenarios where it’s not ridiculous. (Parents really are exceptionally careful with the child’s gun, do not let the child have access to it unless the parent is present, etc.)

        But the basic point that most are making is correct. If people in “protected groups” (racial minorities, poor people, Muslims, gays, etc.) do stupid or wrong things, you just do not get the same tone in that reporting. Lefties continue to maintain how open they are to “diversity” when in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

  3. AJ

    John Wayne sez, “Every gun is loaded until you personally check to see that it isn’t.”

  4. Tony

    Notice the NYT never has time for stories like Kermit Gosnell. That would not fit their lib agenda

    • For that matter, they finally reported on the shooting death of a young black kid only because Mayor Bloomberg chided them for never even noticing it, or any of the other similar deaths of young black NYC teens. As you say, doesn’t fit their agenda.

  5. burningmadolf

    The fact that the family is probably a bunch of retards has nothing to do with the NY Times and a German tv crew staking out a funeral in KENTUCKY. They should be in Chicago and or Detroit.

  6. NYT reporter travels to girl’s funeral to mock grieving town and gets beaten up

    It’s about damn time we get a positive news story.

  7. David Smith

    Does anyone remember the source of the quote (MAYBE correct): “You can judge the freedom of a people by the weapons they are allowed to keep”

    I remember that as a quote from an ancient greek (Roman?, Italian? etc.?) philosopher. I have not been able to Google the source – probably because I haven’t hit the right variation on the quote.

  8. David Smith

    Just for laughs:

    “Another thing about being unarmed, it causes you to be despised”

  9. AJ

    Forget about guns and take up gardening instead, that is while it’s still legal.

    ‘BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government’

    “A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

    It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.
    …. warns about any attempt to actually try to understand the law by reading it:

    You cannot just read the first 5 pages or so that are an ‘executive summary’, and think you know what this law is about. The executive summary is NOT what will become the law. It is the actual Articles themselves that become law, the Summary has no legal standing and is just tacked on as an aid to the public and legislators, it is supposed to give background information and set the proposed legislation in context so people know what is going on and why.

    The problem with this law has always been that the Summary says lots of nice fluffy things about preserving biodiversity, simplifying legislation, making things easier etc – things we all would love – but the Articles of the law actually do completely the opposite. And the Summary is not what becomes the law.

    For example, the Summary of drafts 1, 2 & 3 talked about making things easier for ‘Amateur’ varieties. But the entire class of Amateur vegetables – which we have spent 5 years working with DEFRA to register – was actually abolished entirely in the Articles right from the start. Yet the Summary , and press releases based on it, still talked about how it will help preserve Amateur varieties! The Summary is completely bogus. Do not base your views of the law on it!

    So, be warned. By all means, read it yourself. But you have the ignore the Summary as that is not the Law, and does not reflect what is in the Law.

    As you might suspect, this move is the “final solution” of Monsanto, DuPont and other seed-domination corporations who have long admitted their goal is the complete domination of all seeds and crops grown on the planet. By criminalizing the private growing of vegetables — thereby turning gardeners into criminals — EU bureaucrats can finally hand over full control of the food supply to powerful corporations like Monsanto.” […]