So you want a conspiracy theory, do ya, AJ?


Poutine poisoning

Poutine poisoning

Straight from Canada, poutine flavor soda pop. They’re trying to drive you out of there, AJ, but I’m counting on your being made of sterner stuff – they don’t understand the American backbone and cast iron stomach, do they?


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  1. AJ

    My wife has long claimed that I do have a cast iron stomach; capable of eating anything — but I do not like poutine. The cheese they put on it does not melt, nor does it need to be refrigerated — need I say more. But I don’t drink soda anyway: I prefer milk, which unlike American milk is absent of growth hormones and antibiotics (and subsidized here in Québec — very inexpensive), fruit juice (mostly Tropicana) wine, and beer.

    But back to conspiracy theories that are much more likely to be closer to what really happened than any narrative you’ll get from the MSM, try this tin foil hat on for size:

    ‘Eyewitnesses: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Did Not Shoot Boston Cop’

    ‘Friendly fire incident heaps more skepticism on official narrative behind raid’

    “Eyewitnesses to the shootout involving the alleged Boston bombers have thrown up another contradiction to the official narrative, asserting that MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr. was not shot by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but by other cops in a friendly fire incident.

    Previous media reports had blamed the Tsarnaev brothers for the shootings of both MIT campus police officer Sean Collier and Donohue, feeding the narrative that the suspects were engaged in a desperate attempt to flee police by returning fire and throwing improvised bombs.

    However, as we previously highlighted, footage from the raid suggests the brothers may have been trying to surrender as they came under a barrage of gunfire. Audio from the scene captures the suspects yelling, “chill out” and “we didn’t do it,” as bullets seem to fly in one direction only.

    Add this to the claim of the aunt of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that the footage which emerged of police arresting a naked uninjured man was her nephew, contradicting the official narrative that Tsarnaev was critically injured in a shootout and suggesting he may have been killed while in custody, and it’s easy to see why some are questioning whether the raid unfolded exactly as authorities claimed.

    Eyewitnesses to the shootout also contradicted claims by police that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ran over his own brother in a car, stating instead that he was run over by police.

    “Eyewitness accounts strongly suggest that MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr. was shot and nearly killed by a fellow officer in Watertown April 19 during the hail of gunfire unleashed on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as the suspected terrorist made a getaway in a carjacked sport utility vehicle,” reports the Boston Globe.

    READ THAT LAST PARAGRAPH: “…reports the Boston Globe.” BTW, I read on the Internet that a loaf of bread costs over seven dollars in NYC. Is that true?

    • Cheese that won’t melt? Next thing you’ll be telling us is that Canadian “bacon” is just ham, or that they call their states “provinces”, or that they think their Queen is some old senile English lady rather than Celine Dion (well, that one’s an easy mistake to make, I think), or equally unbelievable inanities.

      I could’ve gone to a conference in Toronto this fall, but I told the boss he should send someone else because I don’t speak Canadian. Corner Gas was cool, though.

  2. AJ

    But here’s some real conspiracy theory for you. And to think, Dollar Bill doesn’t even think robots can make hamburgers. Hah!

    ‘Human takeover by machines may be closer than we think’

    “Are you prepared to meet your robot overlords?

    The idea of superintelligent machines may sound like the plot of “The Terminator” or “The Matrix,” but many experts say the idea isn’t far-fetched. Some even think the singularity — the point at which artificial intelligence can match, and then overtake, human smarts — might happen in just 16 years….”

  3. George Leroy Tirebiter

    Lutefisk is tastier than poutine, hands down.

  4. Gary misch

    Pedal it in Bloombergland.