The new majority

MEXOne in ten LA residents here illegally. And 85% of them are Mexicans or Central Americans.

One in 10 Los Angeles County residents is an immigrant living in the country illegally, according to a study released Tuesday by the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration.

Many of those immigrants have been in the country for more than a decade and are the parents of children who are American citizens, the study found. One in five children in Los Angeles County has at least one parent who is in the country without proper documentation.

One in four of the estimated 11 million people said to be in the United States without legal authorization lives in California. Statewide, the study estimates that about 7% of residents, or more than 2.6 million people, are in the country illegally.

That means the stakes for California are particularly high as Congress debates immigration reform, including the possibility of a mass legalization.

“The share of children with at least one undocumented parent really speaks to the interwoven generations,” said Manuel Pastor, the USC center’s director and a coauthor of the study. “Another thing that’s striking to me is the length of settlement of the undocumented population. Rather than the person who stands in front of Home Depot who just got here a year ago, it’s actually a more settled population.”

In Los Angeles County, 63% of unauthorized immigrants are from Mexico and 22% from Central America, according to the study. Eight percent are from the Philippines, Korea or China.

Amnesty for all and enroll them as Democrats. The banquet table is now open.


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17 responses to “The new majority

  1. Yours Truly

    I like how you admit right there in the photo who California was taken from in the first place. Very bold and true statement. After years of genocide and relocation, it’s time to give back.

    • If we can move all our illegals into California and seal them in, they can have the entire state. Hell, we should pay them to take it.

      • Inagua

        California is wonderful. It is an excellent example of why the West is no where near the collapse that so many predict. Despite the highest taxes and highest unemployment rate in the nation; despite the fact that one-third of all US welfare recipients live here; despite the fact that the public schools are the worst in the nation save Mississippi; despite the fact the the state is loaded with illiterate, un-skilled illegals and can’t speak English; California is simply loaded with rich, successful people.

        Farmland is at an all time high; Silicon Valley continues to innovate and prosper; and the Entertainment industry never stops making huge amounts of money. California is like A Tale of Two Cities or the island of Manhattan, a place where the very successful are surrounded by the service class that perform all the scut work necessary for a life of luxury, while we all enjoy spectacular weather. California has everything except a private sector-based middle class.

        The middle class types are substantially all government workers, most of whom make several times their fair market value. It is a very strange place, hugely dysfunctional in many ways, but the government will not go broke for a very long time, and life here for the successful is simply wonderful.

        California is a perfect example of what Liberalism produces and where Obama is taking America — a place where elites and other successful types live very well, the average worker-bee types stagnate, and a largely unseen underclass does all the scut work.

        • for the most part, i agree with your view, Inagua. i think we both live within a half hour drive to the Pacific Ocean. what worries me is the inland area of California which does not have the benefits of the coastal region and pro-actively moronic politicians in Sacramento who are now free to propose and pass legislation that, to me, is ruinous. So, i wonder how long “wonderful” can be sustained.

          Victor Davis Hanson’s impressions

        • Inagua

          Chris – I live in Montecito. Thanks for the link to VDH. He said it better than I ever could, and he added a geographical dimension that I overlooked. He also noted something that could save California’s finances, its enormous energy reserves. Some time in the future, the new political class will say, “Offshore and fracking are now safe. We were smart to wait for the safety technological to catch up to demand. Now we can exploit our resources.”

    • thewizardsrevenge

      They can have it back anytime.
      All they gotta do is come and take it.
      Just like we did. Just like land has been acquired through the centuries, and always will be. Tough world. Not pretty.

  2. Pinzgauer

    immigrants living here illegally???

    I thought you could only be an immigrant following a legal path of immigration. Otherwise you are a criminal violating federal law. I guess this is the new normal.

  3. Anonymous

    1 in ten sounds low to me ….i respect many forms of latin culture and think many of them are good hard working people, obviously the bad ones come here as well which is a problem …but he sheer numbers of mexican immigrants blows me aways…there just isnt room, hell id rather be in mexico

  4. birth rights movement

    tattoo your birth certicate on your chest. if none, deport

  5. Community Organizzzer hit new record…unsatisfied with only 11m. he had Holder open up to remaining 6b.

  6. Flash forward

    There would not be so many illegals IF they weren’t $$$$$paid under the table. We Americans need to refuse to employ undocumented workers. Easy to pick out the Mexicans but how about the white skinned Europeans on the east coast?
    Do you know who is mowing your lawn? Washing the dishes in your favorite restaurant? Plumbing your new sink?

  7. Mickster

    OMG Illegal Immigrants!!! OMG.

    Give me a break – these are the hard-working people who mow our lawns, care for our kids, wash our homes and dishes, work in the restaurants we dine at, etc etc. If you don’t want them here, don’t give them jobs and they’ll leave again. They usually get cash and no benefits, because we’re too cheap to pay for those. BTW you can pay undocumented workers “on the books”. IRS will issue them with an ITIN # instead of a SS# and you can pay them as you would pay anyone else. IRS does not report to ICE.

    So when you see those ladies walking to the train in the rain some evening or some laborer walk home from a hard day’s work, don’t look too far down your nose at them. They’re looking for a better life for their families and themselves.

    Your fathers and mothers’ ancestors did the exact same thing back in the day. You didn’t all come off the Mother Ship.

    BTW, tell your respective broods to start learning Spanish – us Catholics WILL out-breed you in the end. Brace yourself Margarita!


    • We could afford to open our doors to the Irish because we could control them with drink – Mexicans don’t seem to offer that same opportunity, so we’re worried, very worried.

      • Anonymous

        Refrained beans and lard will get them…..
        Unfortunately they’ll get to the ER and you’ll be paying for the visit.

      • Mickster

        You control the poor with horrible schools, unemployment and disability checks.

        The only metro area in the country that never saw a downturn in the past 10 years was Washington, DC. where all the printing is done.

        How’s all this working out for ya, compadre?

        Plan your exit strategy because it’s not going to be pretty.