A road apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Do you love me now?

Do you love me now? Peter Brant, center, with unidentified models

One of the British princes is coming to Greenwich to play a bit of polo and the resident population of Anglo wannabees is losing its collective mind. Even Buddy Hackett Brant and Stephanie are excited. As the NYT observes, “[f]or many, it is a rare opportunity to glimpse a royal in a town whose richest residents have enough money to rival a monarch’s, yet lack the regal pedigree.”

Be still my fluttering hooves.


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27 responses to “A road apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  1. sunbeam43


  2. anonymous

    Is he going to get naked?

  3. Beer at the Ginger Man

    May I play, too, if I get a nose-job and change my name to something British?

  4. FRF

    Prince Harry coming,
    Peter B won’t be playing…
    Peter O will be

  5. AJ

    Oh goody, what ho, trot rot and what not. Does this mean the Brant brothers will be coming out — to see the polo ponies, or polloponies as Ralph Kramden has called them, I mean, of course.

    ‘The New York Times Profiled the Brant Brothers Because the New York Times Hates You’

    “We at Gawker have warned you previously that the New York Times Style section exists solely to introduce you to society’s biggest shitheads, and yesterday’s profile of the Brant Brothers is no exception…”


  6. AJ

    Off topic, but a good example of natural selection at work:

    ‘W. Va. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line To Steal Copper’

  7. Cos Cobber

    The sight of the British Crown in America is offensive. I have not forgotten the 1770s and 1812. Attendees are committing high treason. Have they no shame?

  8. anonymous

    High Society

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Royal, I fart in your general direction

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Goddamit! How does one embed a youtube in WordPress comments?

    • Copy the whateveryoucallitthing (the address in the top bar) and paste it as is in the body of your comments. Don’t try to embed, link, or anything else. Took me years to discover how simple it really is. See? I just did it for yours.

      • But here’s the extra trick: when you follow a link TO a YouTube video (let’s say you saw it on XYZ.com and want to post it here, the link at XYZ already has an embed code (look at the whole link code and you’ll see the word embed). What I do is then search for the same video at YT without the embed, then cut and paste that link and drop it directly into the comments. Sometimes a previous embed code will confuse WP. Got that?

  11. Libertarian Advocate

    Beer at the Ginger Man: That you my homes?

  12. Walt

    Dude –
    Here is a Vanity Fair article from today on the fabulous Brandt “boys”. The author then has an amateurish quiz to determine which brother you are most like:

    I think a BETTER quiz would have been “Could You Be a Brandt Boy”?

    And here are some of the questions, all yes or no:
    Do you find woman’s fashion fabulous, but you are sickened by their breasts and love muffin?
    Would you scratch your brothers eyes out for the last of the mascara?
    Does it annoy you your father looks like Buddy Hackett but can’t tell a joke?
    Would drinking wine from a beer glass make you violently ill?
    Have you been able to live with your Mom for all these years and not sniff her panties?

    All yes answers and you qualify!!
    Your Pal,

  13. Harry Brant

    Oh Mr. Fountain you are such a mean man. To say such unpleasant things about my brother and me! And what makes you think I don’t sniff my mother’s panties?


  14. AJ

    Uh Harry, stop right there, and don’t dig the hole any deeper. Must be the Gain fabric softner, eh? If you have pictures of yourself plastered all over the Internet in très gay, bizarro threads, you shouldn’t be surprised if you catch a lot of commentary, and none of it good — love the leopard skin shirt: definitely the cat’s meow, hiss, hiss.

    When you make yourself a public figure, the results are seldom good unless, of course, you’re selling something, in which case, it might just be worth it (ever hear of publicists: if you’ve already got one, you need a new one). BTW, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having fun at your expense (sorry dude, the price of fame): it’s been a yabba dabba doo time. A dabba doo time. It’s been a gay old time.

  15. Sound Beacher

    Sibilings celebrities X 2.
    Peter Jr. is a GHS graduate, maybe he could donate a new auditorium — the peter palace music hall.

  16. Anonymous

    the brant brothers are kind of hot and this is coming from a straight male