How about sex with burros – is that still okay?

We won't tell the dean of students, eh, mi amigo?

We won’t tell the dean of students, eh, mi amigo?

Northwestern University’s warning to students against offending Mexicans on campus offends the Mexicans on campus. 

Northwestern University continued to stumble over diversity issues this week as Mexican students voiced disagreement with a campus wide letter that advised students not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by engaging in racially-offensive activities, such as eating tacos and drinking tequila.

The letter was sent to students via e-mail, and published in The Daily Northwestern last week. [Non-Mexican] leaders of Alianza, a Latino student group, and the Associated Student Government called on students to remember that Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. It is not a day to throw a sombrero-themed party, they said.

“Some of our peers choose to throw ‘Mexican-themed’ parties that are culturally insensitive, offensive, and detrimental to the Northwestern community,” said the letter, which noted that this was a problem year after year. “Drinking tequila shots, eating tacos, and wearing sombreros do not commemorate Mexican culture; on the contrary, that offends, marginalizes, and isolates many of our friends, classmates, and community members, and casts our entire community in poor light.”

Their recommendations were quite a shock to Northwestern students who actually came from Mexico. Several of them fired back recently.

“I’d like to say that I proudly embrace my tacos, tequila and sombreros,” wrote Ruben Antonio Marcos Bours, a Northwestern student, in a statement. “To me, they are a key part of my childhood, growing up in Monterrey, Mexico.”

Realizing that the letter was poorly received, representatives for Alianza and ASG confirmed that they are drafting a new letter that will better explain their position on Cinco de Mayo sensitivity.

“We’re not trying to pass judgement on the role tequila or tacos have in the Mexican culture,” said ASG president Ani Ajith.


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10 responses to “How about sex with burros – is that still okay?

  1. Too PC even for the minorities they claim to look out for. Pathetic.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    AMAZING, Progs really are pathetic pandering goofs. It must be hard for them to breathe, what with their heads so far up their arses.

  3. Juan Gomez

    Amigo Chris-

    Cinco de mayo es una fiesta para los borrachos americanos, basadas exclusivamente en la comercialización de las obras de cerveza Corona, ahora una marca Bélgica.

    Tequila reflejan la cultura de vaquero, y no la cultura más alta de México.

    No respetar nuestra paternidad cultural es profundamente doloroso para mis compatriotas que viven en su comunidad de Riverside y Greenwich Veijo.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    This PC business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it. HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER DUDE!!

    HOW is eating taco’s and drinking tequila a racially offensive activity? IT’S A COMPLIMENT. They LIKE it. I eat bagels. So am I am I an anti-Semite? When I eat fried chicken am I being racially insensitive to blacks? Can I no longer drink grape soda or will that start a race war?

    When I eat pizza am I mocking the Wop’s? I didn’t know I was. I like to eat corned beef on Saint Paddy’s Day. So am I anti Mick? That and a few beers can’t be beat, but my wife can be! For some reason Monica wakes up with a shiner the day after St. Pat’s. But she is a trooper about it. And it is Irish tradition.

    And the ASG president is Ani Ajith, not a Mexican, but obviously a wet back of some sort. Although that sounds like an Indian name. Dot not feather. And I hate Indian food. Curry and all that other crap. But I LOVE Indians, so what is the problem.

    Tell them all let’s just smokem some peace pipe and learn to relax and just get along. RODNEY KING DUDE!!

    Your Pal,

    • peg

      Once again, Walt nails it. And – I have a modest suggestion that will ultimately save everyone billions (though it would send a few to the unemployment lines, too).

      Get rid of all the touchy-feely embrace-diversity bullshit. Remove it from our universities, our workplaces and our government. Dump all the consultants who charge a grand or two a day to “advise” companies and government how to avoid treating others like crap, based upon their skin color or nation of origin.

      I can put together a little handbook in about 15 minutes. Be nice. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t assume you know what sort of a person someone else is based upon their race, sex, weight, religion, age, disability or boob size.

      There you have it! And, if people want to celebrate a holiday eating tacos or lefse or bagels or sushi – have at it. We don’t need the campus police telling us that it’s wrong. Billions saved.

      You can thank me later….

      • Hold on here… as someone who is part Cajun (or, to use the term that only Cajuns can use — Coonass), am I supposed to be offended by crawfish boils, or only crawfish boils held by non-Cajuns? Okay… if I have to… but can I at least wait until after eating the crawfish to be outraged? Political Correctness is not only stupid, evil and turns ordinary people into liars, it’s also confusing!

  5. burningmadolf

    Obvious newbies to the discrimination scene at high end learning institutions.
    Wait for the “slight” to occur, then blow it so out of proportion that everyone who may have felt the slightest impact gets free tuition (preferably on the taxpayer).
    They’ll learn.