The edifice crumbles

Look! A squirrel!

Look! A squirrel!

First ABC, then the BBC, then NPR and now, amazingly, the New Yorker have discovered the Benghazi coverup and area writing about it in a critical (to Obama) tone. As seen in his comments yesterday*, poor Francis Fudrucker, Chairman of Greenwich Democrats, is still parroting the company line, “nothing to see here, move along, move along,” but like all such useful idiots, having served his purpose as a breech-stuffer  he’s about to be left behind as events sweep him aside. Oh, what will he do, what will he do?

* Submitted on 2013/05/10 at 9:17 pm

you guys funny…..I cant wait for you to quote from the 25 self-referential Benghazi books you are rooked into buying by so-called experts in 2017 after Hillary steals the white house with Al Qaeda assistance


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19 responses to “The edifice crumbles

  1. FF

    Who is that leader of men bravely steering the ship of state?

  2. The liberal media turned on Hillary in 2008, after deeming her insufficiently devoted to the cause, in favor of Obama. When I heard NPR reporting the story that Hillary’s campaign entourage had stiffed a waitress in Iowa while she was running there I knew she was toast.

  3. FF

    Still funny. With Benghazi you see what you want to see. I’m guessing Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are collaborating on a story commenting on how close Kenya is to Benghazi

  4. Al Dente

    I don’t know if FF has kids, but if he does, and one of them knocked a vase off the table, then hid the broken glass and lied about knowing anything about it, I imagine he would be pissed! He would hopefully punish such behavior and lecture that being honest, and learning from mistakes, is the honorable way to live.

    This simple concept is alien to Obama, a petulant liar. Sad.

    • Nah, FF would blame Bush

      • cos cobber

        FF, you have no grace in defeat. Accept that it was poor judgment and move on.

        • Walt

          Bad judgment? That may be the understatement of the year.

          Barry believes he is beyond reproach, and has no accountability. He was chosen, not elected. He has absolute power, which corrupts absolutely.

          The MSM is a sham, and refuses to hold him accountable. They allowed a US Diplomat and 3 soldiers to die, and then blatantly LIE to the American people. Saying it was Muslim rage about a movie? And we are supposed to believe that? And if it was true, we are supposed to accept that?

          They act with impunity because they don’t fear repercussions. And people who act as if this is no big deal is really concerning. It is proof they no longer believe honesty and integrity matter anymore in our political leaders. Which is what it should be all about. The new normal is to expect hypocrisy and a lack of integrity in our elected leaders. That’s really sad. And shows what an immoral society we have become.

          Jay Carney taking questions on this yesterday reminded me of Baghdad Bob. He wasn’t there to answer questions, he was there to lie. It was actually painful to watch. And shows we are now no better than a third world banana republic. This goes well beyond political lines, and anyone who can defend this has no moral compass. Even worse, probably no soul.
          We are getting what we deserve.

        • FF

          I dont have any issue that the scrambling of stories was bad judgment. I have no issue in any determination that things should have been done differently, none at all. But the garment-rending about impeachment, about comparisons to Watergate, by the acres of garbage “what-if’s” that almost always are buttressed by shameful and bald-faced lies about the President are useless and dumb, and really unnecessary. I wont even go into the culpability for the lies that have killed thousands of our servicemen, the bad judgment that resulted in Gitmo, torture, and the deaths of embassy personnel elsewhere in the world. Cobber, I should say the same to all who feel that Benghazi is some seminal moment, accept that it was poor judgment and move on. But I suspect there is too big of an industry either in talking points or money (quick search shows 11 books out, either e-book or print, and three “major conservative writers” ready to roll out their own), or Fox ratings or the power to harness in collective, nondescript anger, power themselves. Almost Alinsky-like in its approach

    • The one way Benghazi differs from your analogy is that this was no mistake.
      The military being actively prevented from intervening is a conscious act towards a goal.

      • Anonymous

        Martha Stewart went to jail for the cover up, the lying about what she did, not really because of anything else. Watergate itself was a minor break-in which had no impact on anything. It was the lying and the cover-up that brought Nixon down. To excuse this administration for its cover-up is very hypocritical. The sad part of FF’s commentary is, other than the obvious idiocy, that he like many nowadays cannot admit imperfection. Bush was not a great president, but Obama isn’t either. Why is it so hard for so many on the left to say it? I really don’t care for the Rep. Party, but people with the attitudes like FF absolutely scare me. It’s sad to see liberalism in the country corrode to the beginnings stages of Fascism.

      • FF

        Which was what, exactly. “We need an investigation to find out” isn’t exactly good enough

  5. Anonymous

    like i said earlier, you can feel the narrative start to change. the media knows they are past the inflection point where they will now make more money if the scandalize O’s admin …its more interesting, not to mention true…this could get ugly…i seem to feel he threw the average american under the bus by blaming the video as well….he seems to say these stupid white middle americans who know nothing think you are all terrorists and I am here to educate them.

  6. Anonymous

    I want to know who gave the stand-down order to our special ops force in Tripoli that could have saved our Ambassador from being murdered by Al-Qeda on Sept 11th.

    • Anonymous

      I am not doubting you, but are you saying there was a special ops force in Tripoli that could have been mobilized within the time frame? I apologize but I did not pick up on this from the MSM.

  7. Fred2

    A juicy story in 3 parts.

    Act I – Despite warnings things are allowed to be set up in a certain way ( a REALLY REALLY DUMB way) there by setting the stage for the debacle

    Act II – The Embassy is stormed, apparently people do nothing for hours and hours when they could have done something. Apparently some people who tried to do something are stopped.

    Act III – Le Coverup, everyone guilty and innocent runs around covering their butts because despite the initial success of the this phase, too many people are involved and too many people died and too many people know stuff and want to make sure that for posterity it is known that it was NOT THEIR FAULT.

    and now the critical reviews – The current phase – The Critics finally realize that once the lights go one they have to write reviews and…oh crap … this was a Mega dud of movie even though they like the actors. So while their first impressions were positive audience everywhere are staying away in droves.

  8. Anonymous

    There was a SPOCs team in Tripoli ready to board a plane to assist, as is their motto. They were ordered to stnd down by someone in DC.