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Just because it displays Obama in all his arrogant contempt; contempt for the military, its traditions, and the country. Even in Britain – especially in Britain – they are not impressed.

If the Ambassador had requested Marine umbrella toters for Benghazi I'd have sent them of course. But with weapons? That way lies an affront to our Arab allies, my friends.

If the Ambassador had requested Marine umbrella-toters for Benghazi I’d have sent them of course. But Marines with weapons? That way lies an affront to our Arab allies, my friends.

Marines are forbidden to carry umbrellas while in uniform and are to refuse an order to do so, even if that order is issued by a resident Kenyan: .

According to Marine Corps regulations, not even the President of the United States can request a Marine to carry an umbrella without the express permission of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corp Manual, which is the bible for all soldiers serving, specifically states that a soldier’s uniform dress code does not allow the carrying of an umbrella and ‘no officer or official shall issue instructions which conflict with, alter, or amend any provision without the approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.’

But that doesn’t apply to Marines serving as butlers, White House spokesman Jay Carney explained, “and if you look, you’ll see that’s how the president was using them. Yeah, he could have used one of his half-dozen aides milling around, but those slobs don’t look sharp, the way Marines do.”

UPDATE: It’s a family tradition

Michelle Air Force One


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  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    President G. W. Bush:

    Marine spokesman Capt. Eric Flanagan explained to the Washington Post that, according to Title 10 of the U.S. Code, Marines must “perform such other duties as the President may direct.” So when the President asks you to hold an umbrella over his head, you hold an umbrella over his head.

    It didn’t matter that there’s a long history of Marines and Secret Service members holding umbrellas for the President, no matter which side of the aisle they represent. It also didn’t matter that there are easily discoverable pictures of Sarah Palin having an umbrella held for her. They wanted to add more headaches to the President’s very bad week. But, oh well. So much for Umbrellagate. It had a nice ring to it, too.


    The problem with this kind of stupidity is how easily it is proven wrong. Can we stick to something a bit more substantial … or is this it?

    • No one faults the Marines for obeying an order from the Commander in Chief; it’s about his ordering them to do it.
      The stricture against obeying such an order is addressed to those higher up, in uniform or not, in a position to abuse their authority, which is what Obama did.

    • I’m no expert on military uniforms but the picture you include seems to show a soldier, not a Marine, holding an umbrella for the Prez. Different tradition.

      • Anonymous

        Those are not even American military personnel. NO American dress uniforms have caps like that. Remember – way back to August 2012 – when the Democratic National Convention used a giant background image for their “salute” to the U.S. armed forces that showed Russian navy ships? Demmercrat Patriot seems to be part of the vast majority of low information Democrats – from Obama down – who understand NOTHING about the US Armed Forces and their traditions.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. Plenty of real issues to be concerned about than an umbrella.

    • AJ

      So that’s it, that’s your repartee, Bush and Sarah Palin? You mean that horseshit is no worse than bullshit? Very substantial, indeed.

  2. Anonymous

    i geuss its par for the course..but in my mind this really cuts deep….both my father and brother were in the corps and my uncles gave their lives in korea and i cant take much more of obamas utter contempt and disdain all for things ameriocana. i have tried to ignore the news and go about my business, this humiliates the country …….again.

  3. no press umbrellas

    press getting soaked

    • AJ

      The press is a joke, as are these press conferences — nothing more than theater. Remember weapons of mass destruction expert Judith Miller, a regular on Lou Dobbs ? No wonder she didn’t want to reveal her sources: it was the White House, and her investigative reporting and terrorism expertise were nothing more than taking down talking points from her masters, or handlers or controllers if you prefer. Things haven’t gotten any better since, and appear to be even worse.

      ‘Media Now Openly Admitting The Government Controls The News’

      “… These three scandals have led the media to rebel against the Obama administration in a way that it has not done in the past while at the same time forcing the media to admit some damning facts about the way news is truly originated in America.

      The media’s reporting on the scandals has provided the public insights into the operations of the incestuous relationship between the press and the government.

      Such revelations clearly suggest the corporate media is telegraphing to the public the American government has just gone way too far out of control.

      These three scandals forced the corporate media to admit openly what has long been dismissed as merely conspiracy theory — that the corporate media is now openly admitting that they are in fact controlled stenographers that do nothing more than echo pre-scripted narratives outlined in talking points created by the rulers of America’s shadow government.

      To be absolutely clear, that is not hyperbole nor is it speculation. It’s a fact that the corporate media is now openly admitting their reporting on the Benghazi scandal over the last 8 months has been merely the parroting of statements given by government officials who were merely echoing talking points issued by the CIA.

      By now just about every news organization has repeatedly reported the story about how those CIA issued talking points were edited 12 times by various people in the shadow government before they were given to figureheads to relay to the press who in turned echoed them to the masses.

      This is a direct admission that the false narrative about Benghazi that has been shoved down our throat as fact by the corporate media was nothing more than CIA issued talking points.

      Since subliminal manipulation the consciousness of the masses is now a science that the government has completely mastered, let make make sure you have been deprogrammed before continuing.

      Wake up – Every news outlet in the country is admitting 8 months of news reports about Benghazi were nothing more than the parroting of CIA issued talking points.


      Let it sink in.

      This is not hyperbole and not sensationalism.

      The entire corporate media is now openly admitting what they presented to us as objective independent news reports was nothing more than echoing of list CIA talking points.

      Does that not at all disturb anyone?

      Most people that are disturbed are merely disturbed by the fact the talking points were lies.

      That is what the media is telling us the scandal is.

      But the real scandal here, and the one no one seems to have a problem with, is that the media is echoing an actual list government talking points to the public and manipulating the public into believing those talking points were the result of objective independently verified investigative journalism.

      Yes the real scandal is that the government is entirely controlling the news and the media is doing nothing more regurgitating an official narrative crafted by spooks in the shadow government.

      Those spooks operate in secret and disseminate their propaganda operation instructions to public figure heads behind the scenes who in turn relay that information to the media who then relays it to the public.

      Information Operations, Google it.

      But the media wants us to believe that the scandal is that CIA’s talking points were lies and that’s the only scandal the media wants you to see.

      The media not dare look in the mirror and point onto itself.

      Surely they represent themselves to the public as fact checkers who vet and verify all information in their reports.

      But nothing can be further from the truth because as we clearly see here even an amateur who made a measly attempt to independently verify the statements issued by the government would have easily outed the falsehoods in their claims.

      Instead, the only scandal the media sees here is the fact the CIA’s talking points were deliberately falsified so Obama didn’t catch heat sothat he could be reelected.

      Now look, I don’t disagree that is in fact a scandal and the media by all rights should continue to investigate and expose the truth about that scandal.

      But for the well-being of this nation and the protection of its citizen’s that media needs to be held just as accountable because if they didn’t take the government at its word despite a continual track record of lies and deception America would be a much safer place today and the citizens of this nation and humanity as a whole would have a much brighter, safer and secure future.

      Instead the media’s incestuous relationship with the government has lead to illegal overseas wars and ongoing bombings in several nations that have claimed the lives of an untold number of numerous people all being perpetuated by an ever-expanding police state that looks more and more like an Orwellian totalitarian nightmare with each day that passes. …”


  4. `

    The worst part is there is a dry covered terrace 10 feet behind where Obama as the Marines getting soaked to keep him dry.

  5. AJ

    Love the last picture in your link to the Daily Mail. The annointed one is not even bright enough to figure out how to get an umbrella through a gate. Obviously, he’s no New Yorker. Could he be the Cover Upper in Chief?

  6. Anonymous

    contempt for the military?? lol… obama is nothing more than bush2 as far as putting all service members on a pedestal and publicly felating them.

    lets not forgot, they are folks that signed up for the job b/c they didn’t want to go to college (read rural rednecks). mostly.

    or teenagers that like to shoot guns and blow shit up …

    without our military empire and decade long wars/ occupation we wouldn’t need

  7. anonymous

    I just figured that Obama was putting the comfort of a foreign dignitary above everything else. Its typically what gentlemen do in situations like that – you see your guest getting wet and you see to his comfort. You ask for umbrellas for both of you so not to embarrass your guest. Chivalry, manners, and all that…

    • If the comfort of his guest were the issue, there was a covered deck exactly ten feet behind them. He could have held his press conference from there, but I’m sure his handlers felt that the photo op of two colorfully uniformed Marines – or “red neck, high school drop outs” as their peer here on these pages described them today – would make for good TV. The handlers were wrong.

      • AJ

        Oddly, the rednecks are the ones with the long hair nowadays, making the word redneck an oxymoron?

  8. Barack Obama, Sultan of Choombalia, entertains a guest, attended to by his fanatically loyal personal guard. The lower castes have no need to stay dry, but are allowed to bask in His presence and provide some amusement for His Majesty and his Distinguished Visitor.