Accepted offers reported

Four of note:

50 Hidden Brook

50 Hidden Brook

50 Hidden Brook, Riverside. $2.050, I suspect a bidding war, went in mere days. Pure land sale, owners paid $1.470 million for it in 2003.

19 Terrace Ave

19 Terrace Ave

19 Terrace Avenue, Riverside, a house I liked very much and have mentioned here several times, finally has an offer. Last asking price was $2.490 million, owners paid $2.8 for it in 2005 and poured a ton of money into it. Original listing price was $3.495 back in 2008, which was probably not a crazy price except for the fact that 2008 was no time to try to sell real estate. Buyer’s getting a great deal here, in my opinion.

11 Byram Dock Street, asking $2.849 million. Started at $4.695 in 2007 and has tried various prices at various times over the subsequent years. Apparently this last price was the ticket.

558 Round Hill (Clouds by Gideon™)

558 Round Hill (Clouds by Gideon™)

558 Round Hill Road, 8 acres, $3.995, 21 days . Brother Gideon’s co-list. Nice land.


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17 responses to “Accepted offers reported

  1. The Round Hill Road property isn’t all that far from me, as the crow flies, or should I say, as the G5s fly into HPN. Today is especially noisy. Maybe they hang a louie or a ralph after me and 558 becomes a no-fly zone, but just in case they do make a direct beeline from me to there, as a housewarming gift to the new owners, Gideon might want to purchase some Bose noise cancelling headphones. Just saying………..

  2. `

    What’s wrong with the house at 558 RHR? Looks OK to me.

  3. Riverside Chick

    When these land sales go so fast , is it usually a builder buying?

  4. Anonymous

    Funny- I said last week, Hidden Brook is the new Hearthstone!

  5. Anonymous

    how bad is the flight noise at westchester? i’m looking at something out there. mind you, i lived & worked right in the path of planes near john wayne airport out in orange county, so i’m somewhat used to that kind of noise. but it’s hours-restricted (7:30 is 1st takeoff, and nothing lands past 10 or 11 pm–or close enough to those approx. times). is westchester open 24×7 or are there no-fly times out there?

    • The only luggage we ever lost was at John Wayne Airport but we didn’t care too much because we were headed to Dana Point and were mesmerized by the beauty of the area. Lucky you to live there.

      Anyway, back to here. It depends on where you are. I know that sounds snarky, but it’s incredible how narrow the landing path is and I have plenty of Greenwich friends who never hear a plane. It’s Bedford, Bedford Hills, Pound Ridge, Rye Brook, parts of Purchase and Harrison that are most directly affected. The airport is time restricted, from 6am to midnight but I rarely hear a plane past 9something. Many flights come in over the water and not over land by me. The flights have to be 2000′ high in the descent path but are they always? No. You can Google “HPN noise flight paths” and print out from the Westchester County gov website the flight paths.

      It also depends on the wind which direction they land. There are plenty of days when I have zero planes overhead, they swing out farther and around. But tonight, Oy, it’s a regular parade and of course, we’re sitting outside for dinner.

      My best advice: before you buy, sit on the road at all kinds of hours, many different days, Sunday afternoons are especially busy. See if the houses you are looking at are on the take-off pattern or landing. Landing is better.

      Hope that helps.

      • Anonymous

        thanks a ton. great advice.

      • Cobra

        In Greenwich, near the Merritt Parkway, helicopters going in and out of HPN are a real pain in the ear, especially in warmer months when folks are outside.

  6. Cos Cobber

    This might cause a few homes to go on the market – sadly.

    With this brewing, not sure why I saw Stevie spend an hr at the Cos Cob May Fair on Friday night.

    And poor Malloy, curbs for any CT hedge fund heavy weight are never good for his beloved tax revenue.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it. Anybody who worked there for a long time is seriously rich and if they continue as a family office they will still be a large operation by any HF standards.

      • Anonymous

        gee, that’s kinda like renaissance. but they’re all about math, not using “consulting” firms, right?

  7. Anonymous

    there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the back porch with a with a case of cold bud light and a printout of chern-simons, while in the background sits a stupid weed-filled (and therefore empty) pool that some dumbass broker said would be a great value-add.