Fracking on Stanwich

Fracking on Stanwich

Accepted offer reported on one of the two rear lots at 313 Stanwich Road. The wannabe developers paid $3.250 for the two lots in 2007 and tried selling them each for $3.600 in 2008, when the partners had a falling out (or that’s what I heard – maybe they just amicably parted ways over tea). Last asking price was $1.350 which, doing my gazintas, yields a loss: $3.250 / 2 = $1.625, less cost of (minimal) site work. And they’re still holding that second lot.

I never saw the attraction of the land because, despite its size, it was mostly some piled up dirt sufficient to support a house, then a retaining wall and a 20′ drop to the swamp in back. But land is scarce and this obviously worked for someone – possibly the buyer of the house in front, also under contract, from which these lots were split off?

There must be something in the water up there, by the way; that (asking) $3.4 million parent property started 1,391 days ago at $6.495 million, after the land split.


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  1. anonymous

    Someone is re assembling the McCloy estate. Looks like McCloys scored on the land, but lost out on the house.

  2. anonymous

    Buh bye Missy and Johnny. Thanks for Walt..

    • Walt, I believe the commenter is thanking them for introducing the original Walter from Round Hill to Greenwich society. Of course, without him there could be no you, so I’m sure the gratitude extends beyond Walter I.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I understood what Anonymous meant. You dolt.

        So I am sad to see Missy and what’s his name go. It is true; they embraced me, a wet behind the ears hayseed from Tennessee, and introduced me to all things Greenwich!!

        If not for them I would have never understood you judge people by their wallet, and not their character. I would not have leveraged myself up to my ass to buy the right house, in the right neighborhood, on the right road to not live near the “common folk”. And I would not have become obsessed with making a quick buck, in a scam business, like selling dirt, just so I could “fit in”.

        So I always tried. I attended all the right parties, and really tried to fit in. I made ventriloquists dummies out of my eyebrows to entertain the folks at the RHC. But they never found it funny. They never seemed to get the “Pull my finger” joke. I never understood that. Can you explain that one? I told them ascots were gay and I nearly started a riot!!

        But they loved my Jew jokes, and when I called the waiter “boy”, so they eventually embraced me. I can fit in anywhere!!

        Little Missy Manners will be sorely missed. She was a hottie in her day. As long as you didn’t have to talk to her. Hoity touitey stuff. Really boring. I dirty talked her one time, and I thought she was going to shit herself. Although I knew deep down she loved it!!

        You want to hear some Priest and Rabbi jokes and reminisce down memory lane?

        Your Pal,