Getting closer to looking like a deal

15 Selden Lane25 Selden lane, out west off of Riversville, has cut its price again and is now priced at $3.495 million. That includes a decent house, albeit one built to the 1987 spec home idea of good taste, five acres around it and a separate 2 + acre building lot. When I first saw this (the only time I saw it, come to that) was years ago, and the owners wanted $6 million: $5.250 for the house, $750,000 for the extra land. The problem I saw then was that those extra two acres made this property and, if sold off and built on, would pretty much ruin the beautiful setting.

So $6 million was a no-go, but $3.5, less whatever negotiating you can accomplish, for the 6,800 sq. ft. house and all the land – both parcels – isn’t bad.

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  1. AJ

    The science of science: your house is worth somewhere between eight and six hundred million; I recommend you go high for a quick sale.

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