Sold, and still for sale


50 Hillcrest

50 Hillcrest

50 Hillcrest Park, March contract, closed yesterday for $2.565 million. Bought new in 2004 for $2.885. Great house, no yard.

From the unsold department of Tuesday’s open house itinerary there’s 407 Round Hill Road and 30 Husted.

407 Round Hill is 7 acres of good land with a not so good house, asking $2.875 million. Cell tower overhead, so reception should be great. Owners bought it from the foreclosing bank for $1.8 million in 2009 and despite some improvements installed by the buyer the market has, so far, not noticed the million dollar increase in value.

30 Husted

30 Husted

From the same firm that presents Mead Point at $190 million, 30 Husted Lane is still around, two years after first starting on its quest for a buyer. Started at $18 million in 2010, today it can be yours for $10,950. Tomorrow?


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14 responses to “Sold, and still for sale

  1. `

    30 Husted was a nice 40s Greenwich builder house, owned by a former Ambasador and Secretary of the Navy, then the late Klondike Bar king. It was purchased and expanded by this owner, a collector of contemporary art, to house and showcase her collection. Anyone else want her vision? Apparently not. Scraper.

  2. Anonymous

    Why would 30 Husted be worth more than $5-6MM? Three over-sized acres on a mini Lake, older house. I mean amazing location and property but 10MM ?

  3. ShedLessToolMan

    407 round hill is that the one buried behind the church? that place? and a large amount of that land is vertical on the back end.. great if you want to practice rock climbing or scaling. .

  4. anonymous

    30 Husted: Old windows and radiator covers. Cheesy small dated kitchen and appliances. Weird architectural blend of old and new. Train wreck. Nice grounds for a new house. 4.5 mid country acres on a pond, some improvements? $5 mil?

  5. anonymous

    Three acres and a 1940s house around the corner on Bobolink sold for $4.5.

  6. Anonymous

    30 Husted- a joke! an even bigger laugh when it was priced at 18 mil. How does he get away with this!!?? Gives realtors a bad name!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, his firm does seem to be the worse offender at overpricing, but as others have said, maybe it is a crazy strategy that actually works in his favor.

        • My theory has always been that by so grossly overriding his inventory he keeps other firms away. You can’t sell a $4 million house for $8 million, but neither can he. But when the time is right, however many years it may take, and a client of his firm is ready to buy, bingo! The place is sold for half its listed price but, by keeping it in house, for a double commission.

          That’s just my guess. The man is a hugely successful individual (and a very nice guy, in fact) and clearly knows exactly what he’s doing. So why would he overprice his listings? It’s not by accident; you can supply your own theory here.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with you Chris- and look at all the publicity he has gotten from his 190 million overpriced monstrosity.- The house he now lives in he bought for half price after he was the listing broker for several years. Very nice guy but is he really that honest?? You be the judge