When he’s not frothing over Slurpees, Bloomberg can get it right


Swarthmore collegian demonstrates his skills as a human sandwich board

Swarthmore collegian demonstrates his skills as a human sandwich board

The Mayor’s career advice: go to trade school and become a plumber rather than waste your money (or your parents’) on a $100,000 “education” in, say, victimhood studies.

Absolutely agree, and his advice is doubly true for graduate school, from law to psychology to African-American studies. What could a Swarthmore student, for example, possibly offer an employer that would be of value? Protest demonstrations? Fossil fuel is death rants? Riot leader?  A heightened awareness of white oppression, coupled with an inability to think, isn’t going to command any kind of salary except in academia and the government and, so far at least, there aren’t enough jobs in those industries to support the multitudes spawning on our campuses. Swarthmore children can rely on their inheritances – debt-burdened graduates from more modest backgrounds cannot, and they’ll pay for their four wasted years for the rest of their lives.


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11 responses to “When he’s not frothing over Slurpees, Bloomberg can get it right

  1. Mickster

    As someone who regularly scans résumés of barely literate college graduates applying for unskilled work, I couldn’t agree with him more. Higher education has become a racket and most parchments are worthless.

  2. Anonymous

    Agree with the Mickster. A resume with a degree in Diversity and Resentment Studies gets an automatic trip to the garbage can.

  3. Anonymous

    Bowdoin is another school to avoid when hiring. Anyone dumb enough to take out a loan to study this garbage is no one you want in our organization.


    Even history majors aren’t required to take a single course in American history. In the History Department, no course is devoted to American political, military, diplomatic or intellectual history—the only ones available are organized around some aspect of race, class, gender or sexuality.

    One of the few requirements is that Bowdoin students take a yearlong freshman seminar. Some of the 37 seminars offered this year: “Affirmative Action and U.S. Society,” “Fictions of Freedom,” “Racism,” “Queer Gardens” (which “examines the work of gay and lesbian gardeners and traces how marginal identities find expression in specific garden spaces”), “Sexual Life of Colonialism” and “Modern Western Prostitutes.”

    • Anonymous, The answer is simple why kids are taking these courses and why colleges are offering them. They come from high school already indoctrinated!

      In my local rag, a letter to the editor this week, a parent furious that his children, at Fox lane HS, were subjected to a visit from Ryan Otto Cassata, “an American musician and public speaker, as well as a transgender-transexual man. Cassata will speak on Identity Disorder, Transsexualism, and his personal transition from female to male, including a successful double mastectomy in January 2012. The Trans 101 and gender Dysphoria workshop consists of Ryan Cassata’s personal coming out story from lesbian to transgender man.”

      Three days later, on Wellness Day, one of the two featured speakers was Zach Wahls, famous for his book “My Two Moms.” He also advocates legal marijuana. The entire student body was required to hear his speech.

      This letter writer adds that last year’s Wellness Day was a workshop for Buddhism, at face value harmless, until the English teacher running the workshop went off-script to tell the kids how he is in search of love as a gay man, is a devout Buddhist because Christian dogma is wrong, and the Catholic Church is the chief offender.

      No balance anymore. Everything abnormal is normal. Bowdoin is merely falling in line with the rest of the New Normal world.

  4. I predict a big uptick in business for the VJ School of Technology.

  5. Anonymous

    On the value of colleges today:

    Multitasking, job-hopping Chelsea Clinton has quietly taken on a big new job at New York University.

    The former first daughter has tackled what the school calls a “multifaith” role as co-founder and co-chair of its brand-new Of Many Institute. The program is described by the university as aiming to “develop multifaith dialogue and train multifaith leaders.”

    An NYU rep told us Clinton’s been involved with the institute “for some time,” but the school’s been keeping Clinton’s role incredibly quiet. There has never been a formal announcement nor a post on Clinton’s Facebook page. Her bio was uploaded with little fanfare in February on the program’s Web site.

    Clinton has already been serving as an assistant vice provost at NYU since 2010, and has also previously taught at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. She’s is also pursuing a doctorate degree from Oxford, as well as serving as a special contributor to NBC News.

    She’s recently spoken of a desire to lead a program discussing faith and academics. Back in September, Clinton — who’s married to banker Marc Mezvinsky — told Time of her desire to study faith and education: “With all candor, because my husband is Jewish and I’m Christian, and we’re both practicing, it’s something that’s quite close to home,” she said.