He’s back, and the Democrats have him

Howard Dean: “Benghazi is a laughable joke.”  Well Fudrucker and Dollar Bill are chortling, but not too many others.


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  1. Great link….add in upper left EPA article link and know Suethemall, needle loving Booby K and the soon to be EPA administartor crafted the strategy…..

  2. Anon

    Dean is confused. HE’S the laughable joke.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    So the Dems purposefully leak the IRS story hoping to derail Benghazi inquiries (mostly to protect HRC’s viability) all while sending out every national Demoncrat shill they can find to squawk in high pitch about Benghazi being a joke, but ya, that deliberately leaked story about IRS targeting conservatives sure does have some legs due to a few low level stupid employees in Ohio who went off the reservation and yes, maybe we even need a special prosecutor who Eric Holder can stiff arm for the next three years, but Benghazi???? There’s no there, there….

    So, is this a cleverly crafted Demoncrat feint, double feint, triple feint? Why bother trying to figure that out, just open simultaneous investigations into these and other matters now erupting in DC. After all Obama’s legacy is now burned toast, all due to his own incompetence. Let’s just say we’re doing it for the children, that way democrats are sure to climb aboard, and most will privately be happy to throw Hillary under the bus too.

    • Anon2

      Speaking of Hillary, where is she hiding???

    • Anonymous

      It’s a Democratic double or triple feint gone awry – how far awry is sitll unknown. Even Hitler knew to have the fire brigade on standby when his minions set the Reichstag fire.

      Hilary and Obama had Chris Stevens “Vince Fostered” because as the agent for the arms smuggling operation to Al-Qaeda, Stevens knew too much and was more future liability than they could bear.

      Somewhere, someone knows Obama and Hilary deliberately had Chris Stevens murdered. Someone issued the definitive stand down order to General Ham of AFRICOM and Admiral Gaouette on board the Stennis then had them relieved of command when they were going to launch a rescue mission. It was easier for Obama and Hilary to have Stevens murdered in Benghazi than Fort Marcy Park.

      Only POTUS can issue or deny a National Command Authority (NCA) order authorizing the military to cross a border. Somewhere there is a record of Obama withholding the NCA before flying off to his Vegas fundraiser.

      Sure is nice cover for the Dems waltzing away with amnesty for the illegals as well.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        I would not be shocked if we all later learn that what you wrote above is mostly the the truth.

  4. Inagua

    “…Obama’s legacy is now burned toast…”

    LA – I disagree. Obama is the most successful Left Wing politician in American history. He has put us on a probably irreversible course to a single payer health insurance system; he has borrowed and wasted over $5 trillion; and he is very close to legalizing 11 million illegals, thereby strengthening the Democrats in national elections. If he fails at Amnesty, he will use it as a 2014 election issue. Obama understands that most Americans vote tribally, and he knows how to motivate the Blacks, Jews, Asians and Hispanics to keep them voting 70+% Democratic.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Inagua: you may be right, I may be right; either way, we shall see at some point within the next two years.

    • AJ

      Time for voter photo ID. Time for numbered (just like invoices — the count and the amount), paper ballots.

  5. AJ

    Dean may think he’s digging and manning the trenches; in reality, he’s just digging a hole. Yeeee Haaaw! Yeah.

  6. Anonymous

    This blog, once readable and informative , is a joke

  7. Cos Cobber

    New census numbers are out. Four of the largest population gainers – for large cities – are in Texas. See table 2 in link below.

    Closer to home, Stamford is now the third most populous city in CT – eyeing New Haven for third in 5 to 6 years. While Fairfield County added 15k this past year, CT as a whole only added 13k – due to pop losses in several other counties.


    It seems people continue to vote with their feet. While FF County may be able to survive under the yoke of Harford’s lunancy, its obvious the rest of the state cannot (same problem in NY where upstate is being crushed if you are not associated with the nano tech in Albany). Is anyone paying attention to this?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      You are for sure, so are many of us, but those in power in this state are entirely incapable of grasping that they are the source of the problem. Conclusion: Progs are economic morons.

  8. Publius

    Cannot resist

  9. Greenwich Gal

    I am also afraid that Inagua is right. I fear for the future. The socialist model works only in homogenous cultures – like Finland, where everyone basically has the same values, background etc. And Finland is a nice place. It is a great country. Everybody has healthcare and enough to eat, the crime rate is low and the elementary education is the best in the world. But let’s face it – nothing new and revolutionary is coming out of Finland.
    The U.S. is all about individualism and always has been. We have always been about limited government. That is why we exist as a nation. This rugged individualism is messy and fractious and sometimes ugly. But we are the most successful and revolutionary nation to inhabit the Earth. And now we are changing the business model.

  10. FF

    Chris, thanks for my Benghazi fix. I was really thinking you might have been permanently bummed out by that plot twist where the villian republican, you know, lies and makes stuff up and everyone thinks its true until they find out its a big lie and everyone is really deflated and such and mad because only the Obama is supposed to do that. But Anon at 8:11 redeemed my interest with the term “Vince Foster-ed” (ized?). Can’t wait to make it out to Fort Marcy Park to see Ben Ghazi get whacked by Sasha and Malia with the pistol that Hillary gave her at the Socalist/Fascist/African/Communist initiation. I hear people have been whacked with that gun since the Illuminati made it

    • Inagua

      FF – You obviously know much more about Benghazi than I do, despite attempts to learn the basics from media reports. Can you help with a few basic facts? What kind of facility/compound did we have in Benghazi? Did it fly the American flag? How many people were in this facility/compound? Why was the Ambassador there?

    • Anonymous

      Fudrucker, believe what you want.

      Somewhere there is documentation of the NCA decision. Whether or not it is ever released to Congress or the public is anyone’s guess.
      Ham and Gaouette, two honorable men, were relieved of command for wanting to protect Americans.
      Now for the hearsay that you have neither context, experience nor contacts for assessing. The boys at the pointy end of the spear, say that Al Qaeda is in possession of more Stingers and other nasties than a Marine Expeditionary Unit, courtesy of the Muslim in Chief and the Lady with Fat Ankles.

      Of course to a well-heeled, soft-headed Huffpo fan such as yourself, it was all about a bad movie review, just like Susan Rice told us.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Anonymous: You give her too much credit. I’d have left it at Fat Ankles.

    • Walt

      Dude –
      Let’s just deal with the facts on Bengazzara, shall we?
      Four dead Americans, one an Ambassador.
      They are under attack for HOURS by a heavily armed hoard of slum fanatics. ARE THERE ANY OTHER KIND??
      United States Military could have been deployed to assist, BUT WERE ORDERED TO STAND DOWN!!
      San Francisco Susan Rice was paraded around on FIVE Sunday talk shows telling the American public this was our fault, because someone made a shitty movie about the seventh century boy buggerer the camel jockeys so adore. IT WAS NOT TERRORISM, so let’s just move on and not insult the little sand flea Bible haters.
      And then a week later, they admit the cover story was wrong, and it was an attack by the towel headed Islamists.
      And anyone who wants to know why this happened is a RACIST!! Besides IT HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO!! And you can’t change anything, so it JUST DOESN’T MATTER!!
      That is your position, Francis? Really? That is all you got?
      JACK Dude!!
      Your Pal,

  11. Anonymous

    Cos Cobber
    and to think the job losses continue despite the state handing over millions to “create jobs.” As someone wisely said previously on this board, if the taxes are too high for one company—they are too high for all.