House of the day

335 Valley Rd - forget this artist's rendering, go see the real thing

335 Valley Rd – forget this artist’s rendering, go see the real thing

Easily 335 Valley Road, $2.375 million, and that’s not just my opinion; almost every agent who saw it while I was there raved about it. Fantastic quality finishes, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom fixtures, and a very nice, usable back yard, which was a pleasant surprise given this location on the Mianus. Listing agent Roseann Benedict provided a home made lunch, which was really smart, because it gave free loaders like me an opportunity to sit on the deck overlooking that river and appreciate how tranquil and private this house is.

I had hoped that this price would prove too aggressive because I have a couple of clients who would love this house but can’t stretch this far. Sadly for them, after seeing the house in person I think it’s very fairly priced and I’d be surprised if it isn’t snatched up quickly.


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35 responses to “House of the day

  1. anonymous

    And the architectural style is: Deck House? Modren? Prarie? Prarie revival? Mid century? Alpine? Park City? Lot’s of wood. Good luck with that.

  2. Anonymous

    if i was a termite, i’d be in hog heaven.

  3. Anonymous

    That house looks like a little sanctuary, your own bit of the Pacific Northwest but close to town.

  4. The New Normal

    no offense, but I fail to see what is so extraordinary about it

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    I trust that you have a food taster?
    Your Pal,

  6. Where did the Fountain Boys (well for sure at least you and Anthony, who said he wanted you to buy this house for him) gain an appreciation for mid-century modern growing up in Greenwich colonials? I’m impressed.

    Quick favor: Next time you are there, can you kindly load up the two gorgeous Breuer Wassily chairs for me. [joke, owners, joke!]

    • Cobra

      I generally don’t particularly appreciate contemporary/ modern homes, vintage/antique being my preference, but this joint is way cool. As I didn’t win the recent Power Ball, I’ll have to pass.

  7. Anonymous

    I highly respect your real estate observations but “house of the day” is a bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you say? It’s a wooden nightmare! That lunch was great but the house wasn’t except if you are lumberjack!

  8. I usually agree with the majority of your real estate observations but I am completely flummoxed how this is “the house of the day”. I agree that the lunch was GREAT but unless you are a lumberjack I can’t see anyone snatching this house in 2 weeks!

    • I’m waiting for all you real estate agents bashing this house to nominate your own house of the day from today’s tour. Post them under your name and we’ll discuss. Otherwise, stay anonymous, stay quiet, and know that you’re a coward.

  9. anonymous


      • Walt

        Dude –
        So what made you all cranky, you little potato head? What got your Hello Kitty pink little panties all bunched up? You scored a free lunch. You should be doing cartwheels!! Did they make you eat it in a corner with your dunce cap on?

        But good news!! I am with you on this one!! It looks like a very nice house. As we all know, you are a man with many faults and no discernible skills, but your impeccable taste is without question!!

        For example, your culinary expertise. Fish a la green slime!! Who doesn’t like that? And blenderized blue fish served on a moldy saltine. YUMMY!!

        Your wardrobe? Impeccable I say!! Camouflage pants, a Grateful Dead T-Shirt, and UGG’s, when you want to dress up. It matches perfectly with your Moe Howard haircut, that you do yourself.

        SO NAY I SAY!! When it comes to dirt, you are the MAN!!

        Can we do a kegger at this place this weekend so I can check it out? Does it have a pool and a hot tub?

        Anyhows, cheer up, you frigging loser. It’s a nice house.

        Your Pal,

  10. Anonymous

    Just goes to show how we are all conditioned to the colonial look around here. That house would not get such adverse comments on the West Coast where the style would be more typical. I think it is a really fun looking house, and I am not a realtor or the owner, I live in a colonial in mid-country…

  11. AJ

    I like it, and I think the wood is not overdone because it’s really only on the ceiling and the floors with white walls, and what house doesn’t have wood floors. Has that millionaire’s cabin in the middle of nowhere feel, but right next to town. Reminds me of one where I stayed in Maine that came with its own private lake and mountain and a five mile long driveway. And you can go canoeing or play with your radio controlled toy boats right from your own backyard.

  12. Anonymous

    I really hope this looks better in person than in the pics….this place looks like a cross between a $49K A-Frame builders special in the poconos and the house from the Brady Bunch….and the floor tile in the kitchen looks like what they put down in a McDonald’s

    • That’s a pretty silly comment, don’t you think? The post said, forget the pictures, see the house. You say, gee, it looks like crap in the pictures. Not sure how that advances the discussion.
      UPDATE: Ok, my bad – I just reread the post and noticed that I’d dropped a sentence from the first draft that specifically said, house is far better than its pictures. So your comment is not silly – I erred. That said, the photos don’t come close to showing how bright this is, nor the exceptional quality of the cabinets etc. Not a colonial, for sure, but its design, for me, takes best advantage of its setting.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Am I reading this properly? You scribbled “I noticed that I’d dropped a sentence from the first draft…”

        Draft? That implies to me you actually put some thought into your work product. You don’t just hammer at the keyboard like a retarded monkey on Ritalin, posting whatever comes out? Like I do? YOU WORK AT THIS??

        You are actually TRYING??? This drivel isn’t just your brain diarrhrea?

        YOU ACTUALLY PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO THIS??? This you the best you got? Don’t quit your day job.

        Just fucking with you!! You loser.

        Where is the BBQ this weekend? Send me the details. It will probably rain, so pick a listing with an indoor pool. What day is the Parade?

        Your Pal,

    • AJ

      I used to love the Brady Bunch: they could solve any problem in less than a half an hour.

  13. Anonymous

    is all the interior wood stained & treated with danish oil? if so, that’s a lifesaver vs. varnish or poly. easy lifetime of care & maintenance.

    • Toonces

      I don’t know – I’d paint those ceilings (at least in the living room) white pronto. Too much wood. Chris – those cabinets are OK – but the dish storage is at the far end of kitchen from dishwasher. Methinks you are not the one unloading your dishwasher. I agree with you though, it is a very special house in a magical setting. Hard to believe that is just off of Valley.

      • I’ll admit that I didn’t notice the dish storage issue, Toonces, and yes, I do wash dishes, so that’d be annoying. Bet it’s fixable, though. The wood vs. paint is more a matter of personal preference – I like houses with lots of wood, especially in a bright house like this one, but again, that’s just one person’s taste vs. another’s. Regardless, this was certainly a refreshingly different home for those of us touring the endless circuit of builders’ colonials.

  14. You east coasters have probably all gone to bed by this time– but yes, that home would fit right in here in Seattle. I just sold its little brother:

  15. Nucci

    I guess I’m the odd-one out here. I actually love the house from the pictures and am going to see it tomorrow morning. I spent my whole life on the east coast and I absolutely hate colonials. They are all the same and all have lots of wasted space. Formal dining room? Formal living room? Library? Nah. Give me a wide open barn. I like unique, different, and I love a home with lots of wood and stone. This one has plenty of room for a pool over looking the river. Perfect. I may just be the one snapping this one up.

  16. SOA

    Modern or not, the house of the day comment makes me think you’re working for the seller somehow. Sold to you. You tend to like the crap that’s been fed to you by real estate broker whores. Good luck bud.

  17. Anonymous

    Can’t believe how much ire has been created by one realtor expressing an opinion. What are the rest of you, Stepford Realtors?

  18. Anonymous

    Interesting house, but about 1.3 mil overpriced.