Remember when Obama promised to restore our standing in the world? That’ll happen in his third term.

At least we aren't Amerikaners

At least we aren’t Amerikaners!

Germany voted most popular country in the world.


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  1. AJ

    If cockroaches can evolve to avoid poison in five years, then maybe there is hope for America.

    “NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, people have been getting rid of cockroaches by setting out bait mixed with poison. But in the late 1980s, in an apartment test kitchen in Florida, something went very wrong.

    A killer product stopped working. Cockroach populations there kept rising. Mystified researchers tested and discarded theory after theory until they finally hit on the explanation: In a remarkably rapid display of evolution at work, many of the cockroaches had lost their sweet tooth, rejecting the corn syrup meant to attract them.

    In as little as five years, the sugar-rejecting trait had become so widespread that the bait had been rendered useless. …”

    I have read that moths can evolve to develop new traits to avoid predators in a single generation — that’s one year. They see a problem and the next generation has the solution — guess they’re a lot smarter than us. Darwin in action? Who said there’s no such thing as intelligent design?

  2. Toonces

    Interesting AJ about the cockroaches. Maybe my reading comprehension is sorely lacking – but I couldn’t see a ranking for the US. Were we at least 2nd?

  3. Okay folks. I had a shi**y day in the pouring rain, came home to see that I had left a ton of windows open and had Lake Havasu in my kitchen and the window seat cushions in the library are now suitable for floating devices! It’s suppose to rain all weekend. Obama’s speech totally stunk and he wants us to love all Muslims. Lois Lerner was allowed to take administrative leave and refused to be fired. Germany is voted most popular country. Ach du lieber!!!

    So what does a gal do who need some cheer other than having a drink? She has a riotous laugh at the Best of the website Damn AutoCorrect which is so utterly hysterical I found myself unable to breathe I was laughing so hard. My eyes were full of tears, but laughing tears, and oops, I might have actually peed a bit too.

    Enjoy. And if you don’t fall off your chair laughing, you are brain dead, or a Democrat. 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    EOS: DIdn’t your H.S. writing teachers instruct you to avoid redundancy”
    you are brain dead, or a Democrat.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear CF,

    These are serious questions:

    Are you in the possession of a valid us passport ?

    And if so , have you ever used it ?

    Other readers feel free to answer also.

    Kind regards,


  6. AJ

    Is their some point to your question because as the saying goes, a good lawyer never asks a question he doesn’t already know the answer to?

  7. Anonymous

    My point is , most Americans do not travel out the country.

    In some cases some people never leave the town they were born in.

  8. Anonymous

    yes, america is huge and changing currencies is a hassle for sure.

    … and the world is a scary place. let alone a city like new york city, a mere 35 miles or so from greenwich. Yet, people have a provincial attitude.

  9. Beer at the Ginger Man

    Restoring our standing” indeed! He’s doing it in earnest, and he appears to be succeeding. What you’ve missed is this, Chris: Once upon a time we were dead last.