Hartford Democrats show their intellectual mettle again

DSr. Kermit Gosnell: "At least I didn't put my patients in tanning beds - at least I didn't do THAT!"

Dr. Kermit Gosnell: “At least I didn’t put my patients in tanning beds – at least I didn’t do THAT!”

Malloy and his pals have banned all teens from indoor tanning salons, thus repealing their previous rule that permitted such use with parental consent.  How can a parent possibly know as much about child safety as a pack of professional Democrat politicians? That’s why these same politicians have excluded parents from any decision involving the health and safety of their children and have taken that power unto themselves.

So if you’re 12 (or any age, so long as you’re pregnant, you have an absolute right to have an abortion, even a late-term abortion, without the consent of or even notice to your parents, but can no longer use a tanning salon until 17.

Which do you suppose is riskier, exposure to UV rays indoors (as opposed to walking outdoors or engaging in jet travel), or an abortion performed on an 8-month-pregnant 12-year old? The Democrats say it’s that tanning booth. These great thinkers are responsible for spending $20.5 billion of our earnings this year.


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10 responses to “Hartford Democrats show their intellectual mettle again

  1. LAK

    But the morning after pill you can have w/out parental consent.

    • Morning after, late-term abortion, it’s all good. No risk here, or none that outweighs the right of a teenager to choose. Which is fine, or I really don’t care what some poor girl who’s not my daughter does to her fetus that won’t be my grandchild, but for the Democrats to strip away the protection that an adult might bring to the situation while simultaneously refusing her the right to decide to expose herself to some skin cancer is, I believe, hypocritical. It’s about politics, of course, and has nothing to do with a concern for a child’s safety.

  2. I’m waiting for Hartford to start leasing cars for the illegal immigrants who they’re going to give driver’s licenses to. What’s the point of the license otherwise?

  3. Anonymous

    I wish someone had told me not to tan when I was a teen. Maybe then I wouldn’t have a 9-inch scar on my back from melanoma and 4x year full-body checks and pet scans.

    • Teens were warned about tanning just as we were warned about smoking. Some listened, many of us did not. At 16, you’re immortal, remember?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Anonymous. My uncle, now long dead, developed melanoma at the age of 19 when he was a pharmacy student. He noticed the mole on the inside of his thigh from one day to the next. Were he alive today he’d be well over 110, diabetes, alcoholism, and suicide (when he faced a second leg amputation) are what ultimately took him when he died in his late 60s. All of the above is really just to say that genetics plays a massive role in the illnesses we get and how soon we slip our coils, but I suspect you already know that. On May 8th an old HS friend of mine lost his battle with Melanoma. That was hard to hear. in any event, Congratulations on your survival.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Another product from the damaged brain of one J. Brendan Sharkey????

  5. peg

    Yeah, dismembering a late term fetus that could live outside the womb – nooooo problem! But insulting guys that hack a man to death on the street? Now THAT is serious.

    We are living in a truly f*&ked up time ‘fer certain.

    • sunbeam43

      I agree Peg! No other way to put it…..truly f**ked up nails it! Thanks go to the Progressives on both sides of the aisle! And now that our kids and Grandkids are infected/affected, it will only get worse!

  6. sunbeam43

    BTW, great piece Chris! Shows the massive speciousness and derangement of our bogus leaders!