Who knew? Al Gore visits the Jersey shore

I got mine, jack

I got mine, jack

Mid-March weather frustrates business owners on what is supposed to be a beach weekend. Next on his agenda? Upstate New York.

“It’s pretty cold out here today,” Yvette Moustaffa told CBS 2′s Dave Carlin, after she was awarded a bag of cotton candy as a consolation prize.

And remember, it can always be worse. Upstate, some areas were seeing light snow on Saturday morning.

UPDATE: 34″ on Whiteface Mountain



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6 responses to “Who knew? Al Gore visits the Jersey shore

  1. Did you see him at the GTP ?
    EMT took him to a warm rehab space….

  2. Anon

    We’ve had no power nor cable since 4pm yesterday. Temp hovering around 40. Winds with gusts of 30 mph. My sister in law in New Hampshire has snow, 3″ and counting. No backyard BBQ or dip in pool for us. We’re huddled around wood stove.
    Obumski is scheduled to visit the Jersey shore Tuesday, with Christie the impetus behind the trek. Should get the republicans ragging on Christie again as he continues to suck up to Barack.

  3. peg

    Of course, all the lefties I know now insist that it’s not “man made global warming” – it’s “man made climate change.” And, of course, it’s GWB’s and Republicans and conservatives fault.

    They talk about the right being the party of “non-science”…… yet, aren’t they aware that the climate has changed dramatically throughout the history of Earth? Nah; doesn’t fit the narrative……

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    It is nut cracking cold outside. I think we should reschedule the BBQ. Agreed? OK THEN!! Now what to do?

    I was going to head to Tods Point, and scope the hotties, but I think they will be wearing parkas, so what’s the point? Plus the guard at the gate will spend all day chasing my skinny ass around, because I don’t have a beach pass. Can Francis use some of his political muscle and get me a lifetime pass? Or is he really totally useless? DON’T ANSWER THAT!!

    Want to go shoplifting at CVS? Then maybe lunch and a flick? Any listings with a home theater? We can rent “Buxom Babes with Skinny Waists”. Have you seen it? Great story line, and well casted. Plus a happy ending!!

    Pick me up at 11:30. Bring popcorn.

    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • Al Dente

      I’m planning to kidnap that Alizee broad and blame it on the slums. That should cause an international incident and I’ll have her to keep me warm. Ooh la la.

  5. Ahh lovin’it back to the Port Chester Glory Days…free lift tickets at KILLINGTON….see you there ?