A little real estate news

30 North Street has sold, $1.250 million. Not a bad deal, to my mind – building lot close to town, road noise be damned, but it did linger. Started at $1.595.

18 Grey Rock Drive

18 Grey Rock Drive

18 Grey Rock Drive not only sold, it sold in a price war: $800,000 sale price, $785,000 ask. Grey Rock’s a good street and it this price range, even in Glenville, demand is strong. Not surprising at all.

On the other hand, I’m a little surprised that 21 Weston Hill, Riverside, reports an accepted offer just 13 days after hitting the market. Listed at $1.539 million, it lasted 521 days last time it was listed before selling at $1.253. Some renovations, but a back lot with a shared driveway, minimal yard, and you have to walk around back to get to the front door. But this is Riverside, and these days …

8 Dempsey Lane, on the other hand, is not in Riverside, and after its last deal fell through no one else has stepped up. Today its price was dropped from $8.495 million to $7.995. Hurry on over.


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2 responses to “A little real estate news

  1. The New Normal

    did a builder buy 30 North Street?

    the diagram says floor area permitted is 4580 sqft – call it $3.5mm all in after land, construction, profit, etc

    seems pricey for a “starter” home?

  2. at 12

    too bad for the new owners of #26 they couldn’t afford to keep this piece of land intact. I don’t envy them, or the other side abutter, the year+ of trucks, dust, hammering, and a house, with lights and noise, smack dab in their back yard.