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Home sweet temporary home

Home sweet temporary home

Montauk residents renting out their homes and living in trailer parks for the summer. Hey, pay $18,000 in rent, collect $60,000, what’s not to like? I once came somewhat-seriously-close to doing that on Martha’s Vineyard, where a summer rental would more than cover a modest mortgage. Live on the island for ten months, flee during the summer when no one with any sense wants to be there anyway, and pocket the cash. Renting to strangers isn’t much fun, but at the right price ….


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  1. This is excellent! I’ve been wanting to get out of Greenwich.

  2. nothing new

    noel did it all the time and still does in southampton

  3. For us schmucks who actually WORKED while living on Martha’s Vineyard, the time to make the dough was summer, hence not fleeing. It meant leaving the cushy winter rental for a shitbox shared with a dozen other poor souls also trying to make a buck off the touristas. I got lucky and bought a falling down un-heated hovel at Wasque that took me a long time to afford to fix up, but it was mine (and Edgartown National Bank) and I didn’t have to make that Vineyard Shuffle anymore.

    BTW, renting to strangers isn’t much fun EVEN at the right price. Believe me.

  4. Matt

    Who wants to be in Montauk for $60,000? Or even half that amount. Those are the people that are crazy, not the people living in the campers.

  5. anonymous

    Imagine renting to strangers. Imagine renting to you.

  6. Off-topic, and maybe I should address this to Gideon: but there’s a little car show and sale in your town on Sunday. Can you pick me up something?

  7. hmmm

    did you see, club road is slated for new leb also

  8. Chris R: That is really really nice. And a decent price too. You probably already know this, but there’s a great Packard Club online with a forum for questions of all kind re Packards. A great brand of car. My grandfather had a gem of a ’55 Packard sedan, it was like a truck it was so heavy. I can remember as a child being in it while he smoked his cigars. Oh to own that today, and my grandmother had a PINK 1958 Buick Roadmaster!!!!!

    Al, I hate to disappoint you, but I can’t begin to afford the Chrysler. The pre-auction estimate is $350,000 to $480,000. I’m going to look, drool, and maybe take a few photos for the blog. Sorry.

    • thanks for the recollection and the Packard Club tip, EOS! i became acquainted with Packards when my grandmother would take me to the Concours at Pebble Beach, then proceed to point out various similar models that her relatives used to drive – i could never figure out why they hadn’t saved at least one for me.

      i’ll probably have to pass on the Packard as i have my sights set on getting an Aston Martin Shooting-Brake (my “ship coming in” and all that, notwithstanding)

    • EOS, you’re breaking my heart. I figgered since your houses are about five times as expensive as ours in the Upper Left Corner, you’d think nothing of spending about five times as much on cars, too….

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Anyone have a Citroen CV2 in a Mehari configuration?

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Whoops, 2CV

    • LA, Meharis are even more fragile than 2CVs. 2CVs fall to the tinworm– thin sheetmetal and no rustproofing. Meharis have the same rustable chassis– and a plastic body that becomes brittle and cracks in sunlight. I only know of two in my Citroen club– and they’re both in pieces.

    • i was going to suggest the Citroen 2CV Sahara (engine in front, engine in back), but, for more fun, Jeremy Clarkson popped up with 2CV racing – on water: