Then why run the article at all?

Greenwich Time: “Hospitals brace for Post Sandy Baby Boom” This is one of those “makes sense” theories – with no television to distract them, women temporarily recover from their headaches and turn to their husbands and boyfriends for entertainment, but it’s also not true, and has been thoroughly and regularly debunked, as the body of the Greenwich Time article admits.

Thus my question.


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8 responses to “Then why run the article at all?

  1. Flash

    Same page article about Greenwich anteater procreating without male participation is much more interesting.

  2. anonymous

    One hears Greenwich Time has been further eviscerated, firing two (of three?) local reporters, and replacing them with fresh recruits, including the author of the naive series about the poor welfare Mom and her beat up Cadillac. Believe another editor or two gone also. So really, what else is the shrunken local office of a national chain going to write about?

  3. Greenwich Time is a garage-band newspaper. The paper, its reporter and its editorialist got all hot and bothered about the fact that Joe Pellegrino is a volunteer on the Board of Estimate and his daughter (*gasp*) got a temporary consulting job advising the town on the choice and implementation of the new software system designed to bring order and accuracy to the Town’s payroll processing and employee management. The unions aren’t really in favor of such order and accuracy, so they raised a stink. The paper was very aggressive in questioning the Pellegrinos’ motivations. The paper was a bit more hesitant, or should we say blind, to the obvious motivation of the unions in objecting to Joe Pellegrino, his daughter and the correction of sloppy payroll practices.

    • Mickster

      Agreed, Ball Sack

    • Yeah, the story there was the union and its closed shop, but the GT is run by and for union sympathizers, so the focus of the article was hardly surprising. The real surprise is that the paper continues in business despite its antipathy for Greenwich and its citizens. If home owners ever wise up and realize that their houses sell via the Internet, not newspapers these days, realtors won’t feel obliged to waste money on GT ads, and the paper will fold. Win win.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s actually not a Greenwich Times article, they plucked it from the Communist Times….err, I mean the NY Times.

  5. It seems that the media drones have fallen for their own mythology that people just rut like pigs at the drop of a hat, while forgetting about their nonstop campaign for contraception and homosexuality. They’ve failed to grasp Mark Twain’s advice about telling the truth, and thus have too many contradictory things to remember.

  6. AJ

    I believe the purpose of the MSM is to obfuscate the truth.