Contact information for Greenwich School Board Members

Many of these people are quitting, doubtless because they fear facing the consequences of their Music Hall fiasco and their upcoming decision to screw Riverside (and don’t believe for a second that your own neighborhood is exempt from this social engineering: when busing Riverside children to Byram fails to raise the educational performance of their new peers, the levelers’ efforts will metastasize into yours).  But for now, here’s the Town of Greenwich’s list.

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19 responses to “Contact information for Greenwich School Board Members

  1. Anonymous

    Is there anyone on the School Board who has the courage to use this opportunity to rally and unify the community and give Hartford the finger?

  2. Anonymous

    For a Town with such smart, Type-A residents—we have one of the worst performing Board of Education. This racial profiling plan, excuse me, racial balancing, is going to end as bad as all the other “silver bullet” strategies the BOE has pursued. A waste of time and money—and total distraction from the job at hand which is to improve quality teachers and curriculum in ALL the schools.

    BTW, I don’t think Riverside is the only school to see changes. Backcountry Parkway school and maybe North Street will no doubt be on the list for changes.

    • CatoRenasci

      We are not well served by the political (candidates chosen by the party town committees) nature of BoE. Most of the people who serve on the BoE are well-meaning – I’ve known most of them reasonably well over the past 20+ years. But, few are really passionate about education and most are very dedicated to the view that our teachers are wonderful (they’re not) and that more money will fix everything (it won’t).

      Notice that 5 out of 8 are from Riverside (3) or Old Greenwich (2) – and of those 5, 3 are Democrats and 1 is a retired educrat. There is more ‘upper-middle class sophisticated = progressive’ class solidarity on the BoE than anything else. There is not one member (unless you consider retired educrat Barbara O’Neill in the north of Perrot triangle middle class) who lives in a middle class neighborhood.

      I personally like several current members of the BoE whom I know fairly well. But, talking to any of them (except maybe Peter Sherr, who is not in good political odor) about any serious educational issue is a complete waste of time. I know. I’ve tried.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting Cato. And depressing. So, when will we end this charade of claiming that the BOE (or for that matter BET) represent the majority of residents?

        • CatoRenasci

          The charade will only end when enough residents either get a charter change through or form (and keep alive) another, purely local, political party which fields solid candidates for BoE and BET positions and starts winning. Those members would hold the balance of power.

          Remember, in 1993, people fed up with the even division of the BET formed a new party and ran a slate of candidates for the BET. One of them, Peter Crumbine, was elected (meaning 1 less Democrat)

          Unfortunately, there was little momentum to keep the ‘party’ alive and the Republicans induced Peter to rejoin them and nominated him thereafter.

          It shows, however, that even then, when the Republicans were even stronger and independents weaker, it was possible to break the two party oligopoly.

  3. Anonymous

    Wait for the press release….”The Dairy Queen at the Port Chester/Greenwich Post Road roundabout thanks the BOE for increasing its business without having to lift a finger. We love America!”

    • FF

      Carvel, my good friend, Carvel.

      • Anonymous

        Woops, you’re right. I go there weekly, never really noticed the signage. Next door, Dougies makes a good cuppa coffee and his mom makes absolutely delicious fresh banana bread most mornings (it’s usually gone by 7 or 8 at the latest).

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    I’ve opined here before that our school board is a bunch of well meaning amateurs incapable of managing their way out of a paper bag. I too have spoken and interacted with several of them over the years and the faces change but not much else. Cato makes a number of good points. I really don’t get this Democrat/Republican thing where everything they consider is debated along party lines. It is frightening that they manage 1/3 of the town budget, I think about $120 million, and growing every year.

    • Anonymous

      Dog Walker…Town budget is $430- million and $10 million on top for Music space. And, yip, our population hasnt really changed or 40 years.

  5. Nancy Kail must be a true believer Democrat. Moving your own house out of Riverside and into New Lebanon. I’m not sure what to call that.

  6. NewsJunkie

    Somewhere Maria Pons Cohen is laughing.

  7. Reap what you Sow

    The fact that Peter Sherr is out of ‘political favor’ means to me that he is actually asking the uncomfortable questions that need to be asked. Definitely getting my vote.

  8. Anonymous

    FF….since you are part of the machinery on the Dem side… you see the BOE and BET as broken because of this “party” election process?