God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board. Mark Twain

Greenwich BOE assembles

Greenwich BOE assembles

Two commenters have supplied notice of a school board busing public forum tomorrow night Central Middle School. Here:

FYI – on the website- the public forum is:
Public Forum: Facilty Utilization & Racial Balance
7:00 PM
Central Middle School

Not sure why it is not mentioned in above notice.
Everyone should go tomorrow!

In addition, you may want to file a comment with the school board here.


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11 responses to “God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board. Mark Twain

  1. Cos Cobber

    The space utilization issue is very real. Parkway, North Street and Old Greenwich will have extra space in the coming years while Cos Cob, Glenville, North Mianus and New Leb will be well in excess of capacity. On that issue alone change is coming.

    • FRF

      Kindergarten enrollment is down for NM this fall.
      Two weeks ago I was at orientation, and they only had 50 kids enrolled for 5 classrooms for this fall.

      • Cos Cobber

        FRF – just read the report the BOE consulants have prepared for this discussion. Despite the fall 2013 class being a down year, NM is projected over the next 5 years to be pushed to 105% of capacity.

        Btw, the historical and projected enrollment data is fascinating. The trends, the outliers, all very interesting.

    • Mickster

      If that’s so then the obvious solution is to help New Leb and Glenville by bussing those overflows up the Riversville Road to Parkway, Cos Cob can go to North Street and North Mianus to Old Greenwich down the street.

      • Cos Cobber

        Yep Mickster, thats probably where we are headed. The data is pretty clear and rather thorough.

      • FRF

        I was the first class to graduate 5th grade at parkway. Months after CC school burned to the ground (burned for over an hour just 200 yards from cc fire station)
        And correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s one additional school.
        And the private schools have surely grown too.
        How is there all of this over capacity??
        Didn’t GHS used to have over 3000 kids in the latter part of the boomers generation?
        Now they are under 3k and have been for years.. I think?
        Maybe the overcapacity reflects a change in the min/max class size?

        • cos cobber

          I encourage you to read the reports the BOE has posted on school utilization. Great hisorical enrollment data for greenwich going back to the 70s is there. They also have private school enrollment data for the past 5yrs and much more like town employee enrollment by school, etc.

          The short answer is enrollment peaked in the early 2000s and dropped a little around 2007 and since then has been level. The one change since 2000 is that the certain districts are growing and others shrinking but the system as a whole is pretty constant.

        • Anonymous

          FRF…I believe you are correct. The change is the teacher to student ratio. In 1970 Greenwich schools had over 11k students to the current 9k. Of course, a teacher could manage a larger class in the 1970’s. A teacher had real control and could discipline a disruptive kid. Now, the precious ones are told how “above average” they all are and therefore have a right to challenge and disrupt a full class. Poor teachers dealing with the many entitled kids.

        • Cos Cobber

          Guys, look this slide show over. It answers all your questions. One of the more interesting aspects of the data is how year to year enrollment can be very choppy, but the trends over 3 or more years is a bit more reliable/consistent.

          Click to access BOE_Exisiting_Conditions_5-23-13_Public_Copy.pdf

  2. Al Dente

    Be sure to stop at Big Al’s Pitchforks and Torches on the way to the meeting.