June 6th, Board of Education will reveal its plans for block busting

Come and learn what your “elected” (in fact, under our charter, the Democrat and Republican party leadership effectively appoint theses people) have in store for you.


In June 2012, the Greenwich Public Schools were cited by the CT State Board of Education for Racial Imbalance in two schools – Hamilton Avenue School (HAS) and New Lebanon School (NLS). As defined by State Statute (10-226e), schools are cited for racial imbalance when the percentage of the minority population in a given school is 25% points more or less than the average for the comparable schools in the District.

In January 2013, the Board of Education directed the Superintendent to develop a plan to address facility utilization and racial balance issues in the District.Over the last few months an extensive enrollment and demographic data analysis has been conducted. The Board of Education and the Greenwich community will be presented with the historical background, existing conditions and a definition of the problem at the May 23, 2013 Board of Education (BOE) meeting. A second presentation at the BOE June 6, 2013 meeting will explore possible options for addressing the facility utilization and racial balance issues that exist today and are projected for the future. The Greenwich community is encouraged to provide feedback through various (OPORTUNIDADES PARA COMENTARIO PÚBLICO)

Le recomendamos que envíe comentarios y sugerencias con respecto a la utilización de las instalaciones y las cuestiones sobre el equilibrio racial que enfrentan las Escuelas Públicas de Greenwich. Puede hacerlo en persona en cualquiera de los foros públicos o audiencias o enviar sus comentarios utilizando esta oportunidad de Comentarios Públicos en línea.


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9 responses to “June 6th, Board of Education will reveal its plans for block busting

  1. check their papers

    many do not live in greenwich

  2. Rivman

    Word has it Elizabeth Warren will be paying us a visit to help us channel our inner native american and therefore make any redistricting issue moot.

  3. hmmm

    if you trying to help please post that there is a meeting this thursday at central at 7pm with a public forum where folks can speak


    look in the right sidebar of the link above….

  4. Check Greenwichschools.org Website

    FYI – on the website- the public forum is:
    Public Forum: Facilty Utilization & Racial Balance
    7:00 PM
    Central Middle School

    Not sure why it is not mentioned in above notice.
    Everyone should go tomorrow!

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder if they will have a translator standing next to the English speakers as they do for the deaf? Otherwise, why have this nonsense of a bilingual message when if those Spanish people show up will understand nothing said?

  6. Just_looking

    Another option… Close NL and Hamilton ave. and bus those kids where ever needed for balance. Then every year bus those kids to a different school while maintaining the state mandated balance figures.

    See how long until those parents decide to support a local school for local kids, regardless of percentages. Their voices might be heard in Hartford, since these are the people that Hartford says they a trying to help.