See you at the polling booth

Imigrant cardDemocrats whoop through driver licenses for illegal aliens. “This is the day we’ve been waiting for”, crowed Francis Fudrucker, Chairman of A Greenwich Swarm of Democrats. “All that hard work getting rid of voter ID laws, now this: our new friends can act just like real citizens and of course, they are now free to show their appreciation in a tangible way.”

Notice, by the way, Greenwich Time’s careful use of the term “immigrant”, as in “Conn. Senate approves immigrant driver’s [sic, unless it’s a bill for just one driver] licenses.” and “The state Senate approved legislation early Thursday that would allow immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of their legal statuses.”
Of course, the law has nothing to do with all immigrants “regardless of legal status”, it is intended to address  illegal aliens alone. Dressing it up as the AP and GT do makes it seems more palatable, to some.  The press, even little moth eaten, dying rags like Greenwich Time, works from one set of game plans.

Legal citizens of Connecticut must still show proof of citizenship, a birth certificate or passport, and give up a liter of blood to obtain a license but because these aren’t “real” licenses, Pedro and Manuel need only swear allegiance to their local Democrat party boss. Seems fair to me – these people have suffered!


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10 responses to “See you at the polling booth

  1. Can’t stand it! Moving out of CT becomes more and more of a reality!

  2. It’s unfair to make them drive.
    Thought they were always driven from booth to booth…..

  3. Cos Cobber

    And lets not forget that other amazing piece of journalism about the two High School girls who think they have a right to bear their mid-drift. ZZZZZ.

  4. FF

    Chris: Its El Swarm de los Democraticos. Get with la programa

  5. Mickster

    Republicans are fighting a losing battle. Embrace the multitude or go fade in the shade. They’re here and they’re breeding like crazy. Get used to it. I am NOT a Democrat.

  6. Anonymous

    Agree with Mickster. I watch them come off the train into New Canaan by the dozen. You can feel the foreign contingent growing all around us. The dilution gets worse every day. Whatever numbers the gov’t is quoting (illegals) should be increased by a factor of ten. A true nightmare. My healthcare premium went up another 21% this year.

    • TheWizard

      It’s hard to disagree, but I’ll say this.

      When things get this far out of whack, there are always corrections. I don’t claim to know when or in what form, but there will be.

  7. AJ

    The difference between “immigrants driver’s licenses” and “immigrant driver’s licenses” is one of noun vs. adjective. Immigrents, noun, are a class or group of people that may be further classified as legal resident or illegal alien, or undocumented if you prefer; resident aliens can already obtain drive’s licenses. But by applying the adjective “immigrant” along with the other modifier “driver’s”, immigrant becomes just a qualifier of a class of licenses, and the immigrants themselves, they’re just a hypothetical, or a figment of your imagination.