Take a bus to Central Middle School tonight, 7:00 PM

School Board public forum, May 30, 2013. 7 PM

School Board public forum, May 30, 2013. 7 PM

The school board will conduct a “public forum” on redistricting (busing) school children around town. They deny they have any intention of acting on the 2007 map that shows half of Riverside being bused to New Lebanon School in Byram but so far, haven’t explained why it was included in the package of documents sent out now to publicize tonight’s meeting. Let’s give them an opportunity to do so.


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15 responses to “Take a bus to Central Middle School tonight, 7:00 PM

  1. Before you go out the door, record, or watch live now on ESPN2, The Scripps Spelling Bee. Amazing kids named Kuvan and Emily and Neha and Amber and Vanya. So bright. Such a real treat to watch.

    Here are a few of the last words: see if YOUR kids can spell them. Or know what they mean!!
    = malacophilous
    = sciapodous
    = minnelied
    = cyanope
    = bilboquet
    = olecranon


    THIS IS THE END OF RIVERSIDE. Game over. The smartest thing you can do if you currently live there is get out before you’re in negative equity. Adios amigos.

    • Nah, the thing to do is to make such a stink at tonight’s and/or the June 6th meetings that the BOE takes it out of consideration, permanently. Does anyone out there remember when the same group tried to close Cos Cob school? hard to believe that Riverside parents can’t summon the same outrage the Cos Cobbers did and if you’ll notice, Cos Cob school remains open. That was a fun food fight and we can do it again.

  3. David Smith

    When bozones try to get cute w their responses to a clever presentation, they forget: They are either admitting they lied, OR they are incompetent. The excuse that a staff member made the mistake is not acceptable. Think any army – if enough privates screw up, the general gets his ass removed.

  4. LAK

    Buckle up!

  5. FRF

    Give em hell!

  6. Born, raised and still living in Riverside

    Will you be going, Chris? I would love to hear your take on the situation.

    • I’m going – I don’t watch Tv, and this might be more entertaining than roller derby.

      • The Governor

        I guess we can now expect a mass exodus of the mediocre types from Riverside to mid country or if they club together, back country…

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I wish you had told me earlier you were attending this brouhaha. I would have gone with you. Want me to give you the questions you need to ask? OK than!! Here you go!

        Good evening Ms. Chairwoman (it is a bitchy hausfrau, right?) I have a short statement and then some questions, OK? I respectfully and totally disagree with your half-baked “plan”. It is moronic, vague, and obviously not well thought out, you ignorant slut. You seem to feel diversity is important, but only based on RACE!! What about the midgets and dwarfs? They have no value to you? What about the fat kids? You just toss them into the gutter, like the wrapper from the Big Mac you just tossed down your wrinkled turkey neck? You sicken me.

        Now for the questions:
        Can you show me ANY study that diversity leads to improved academic achievement? JUST ONE!!

        Will the kids be riding the short buses?

        Should all boys or all girls’ schools be banned? Should we picket Morehouse College?

        Shouldn’t education be a local issue, and all State and Federal Department of Educations be closed?

        Shouldn’t teachers unions be banned?

        Are all female physical education teachers lezbo’s? I have no problem with this, I am just curious.

        Don’t the inner city kids have a DISTINCT advantage in Biology 101, as they can carve a frog with a switchblade in ten seconds flat? Plus they already have a few kids of their own, so do you think that is really fair?

        Live blog how it goes and I will send you more questions if you need them.
        Your Pal,

  7. Demmerkrat Patriot

    CF: Bring pitchforks and torches! You could make a small mint selling outside the front door of CMS!

    • Riverside Chick

      CF – Please bring a bunch of 5 year olds and they can speak about how beneficial it is for them to sit on a bus for an hour plus on a fri afternoon going up the Post Rd bumper to bumper.

  8. FRF

    Live blogging from the event?

  9. Anonymous

    In 2007, the BOE projected that the enrollment at New Leb would decrease by 190 students for the current school year. In fact, it increased by over 200 students. Enough said.