Well then let him go!

Boston bomber tells his mommy he’s innocent. I’ll bet you that at least 25% of the American public (65% of the Democrats) believe him. And that’s not counting AJ.


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2 responses to “Well then let him go!

  1. AJ

    I never said he was innocent, but that he was a CIA stooge, participating in a drill, who didn’t know he was a patsy until he saw himself being fingered on the Inter-weeb, much to his dismay. I think even Geraldo could figure this one out, to say nothing of a junior investigative reporter like yourself: the pieces just don’t fit. But if you want to join the MSM in hammering that square peg into the round hole, then bang away.

    ‘Official Story has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack of Questions about the Boston Bombing Backpacks’

    “… Among the reasons law enforcement sources are so confident they “got” their men were video surveillance photos from a Lord & Taylor storefront area showing the two brothers as they arrived at the finish-line area, each wearing a backpack, allegedly carrying what the FBI now says were two identical 6-quart steel pressure cookers marketed by the Canadian corporation Fagor. Fragments of those pots, which the FBI says were packed with black powder (gathered from a collection of fireworks) as well as nails and BBs, were recovered at the scene.

    Besides the photos of the two brothers wearing their packs, the FBI also has released a photo of the remnants of one of the backpacks, allegedly the black, or dark-colored, one worn by the elder Tamerlan Tsarnaev. There is also a photo of what is described as a white backpack, which was placed on the street side of a metal crowd-control fence. It was said to contain the second bomb, which exploded 10 seconds later, further from the finish line. This is presumed to be the same light-colored pack Dzhokhar is seen wearing in the store video as he arrives on the scene.

    There are a number of serious problems with this supposedly damning evidence, however. …”