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In anticipation of retaining control of the BOE, Greenwich Dems introduce new summer reading list for students K-5

Why Mommy is a Democrat

Why Mommy is a Democrat and Why Daddy is a Democrat bring to life the core
values of the Democratic party in ways that young children will easily understand
and thoroughly enjoy. Using plain and non-judgmental language, along with warm
and whimsical illustrations, these colorful 28-page paperbacks depict the
Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, equality, and concern for the
well-being of others. The books can also serve as kid-friendly introductions to
important social and political issues. They’re a great way for parents to gently
communicate their commitment to Democratic principles while helping children
begin to make sense of the complex world around them.



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With Steph squeezing for alimony, his art collection gone, Buddy Hackett will try anything


May 31, 2013 · 6:18 pm


Three sales, one more new listing.

25 Midwood (off Glenville Road), $1.775 million.

76 Valleywood

76 Valleywood

76 Valleywood, Cos Cob,  $1,429,350.

17 Dorchester

17 Dorchester

17 Dorchester Lane, Riverside, full price: $2.825 million. There was a time when this price for Dorchester would have astonished me; no longer.



15 Meadow Marsh Lane

15 Meadow Marsh Lane

And there’s a new listing at 15 Meadow Marsh Lane in Old Greenwich’s Shorelands development. It was built in 2000, so it should be high enough to stay in compliance with the new FEMA 13′ requirement but if not, it will be interesting to see what an inability to add on or change in any way will do to this one’s selling potential.


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EPA: If it saves just one carbon molecule from ruining the world…

Never mind, I'll swim to the hospital myself

Never mind, I’ll swim to the hospital myself

Ambulances, fire engines shut down automatically when their diesels exceed EPA’s new global warming emissions standards.


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Do you suppose this is the same level of expertise our BOE is receiving for legal advice?

Milone and Macbroom, the “experts” providing Greenwich with its data on school enrollments and demographics specializes in landscape architecture. With all of Cos Cob to draw on, we need outside gardeners to advise us on school attendance? And the BOE is using that advice to break up neighborhood schools?

Makes you wonder whether the lawyer the BOE is relying on in deciding not to challenge the state’s racial preference law is necessarily the very best source of legal expertise available.


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Hey Bill Effros, you out there?

You mentioned you were in the process of starting two independent political parties – any luck? I’ve been assured by a smug leader of the Democrat party in Greenwich that outraged voters can’t throw them off the school board because there must be an equal number of members from “both parties”, and it’s too late to register a new party in time for this fall’s election.

He’s right about the equal number of members, but the state law clearly does not demand that one of those parties be the Democrats. The proper thing to do is for Republicans to join with independents and run two separate, anti-busing slates and, while they’re at it, a full compliment of BET candidates, and take all the seats, leaving none for Greenwich Democrats.

It can be done. If Bill’s party isn’t formed yet, does anyone know if there’s a dormant party out there we can revive?


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1929 homes – still wanted?

10 flaglerNew listing today: 10 Flagler Lane, 3.2 acres, great location, wonderful grounds, $7.950 million. I’m curious to see how this fares. It seems that the demand for the old classics is far weaker than it was even a decade ago, but that’s just my impression. Watch and see.


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Must be some birdhouse

26 Buxom LaneNew listing today for 26 Buxom Lane (Walt named it), $1.065. Looks pleasant, although I personally couldn’t live under I-95, but I was struck by the listing’s warning that the birdhouse is not included in that million-dollar price tag. I’m sure it’s not a deal breaker, but really, a birdhouse? Can the buyer at least keep the garden hose?


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For the first time since Tolstoy, Russia gives our nation something to be grateful for

Ugly digs for ugly people

Ugly digs for ugly people

Oligarch who bought Donald Trump’s $95 million Palm Beach mansion will be tearing it down. (In fact, this was announced as long ago as 2008, but relief is finally in sight)

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Oops! That statement is no longer operative

Last week supporters of ObamaKare hailed the announcement that California’s version of the Messiah’s plan would drop premiums 29%. “It works! It works! Damn you, nay sayers!”

Today it is made clear that premiums will be jumping  64% -146%. “But our intentions were so good” wailed Dollar Bill, “how could this happen?”


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Fire in the hole!

Cos Cob House of the High Colonic

Cos Cob House of the High Colonic

Should enemas only be performed by licensed nozzlers?  Hartford Democrats think so; thousands of dominatrixes and their happy customers would say no. There is no matter so trivial that politicians won’t attempt to stick their meddlesome fingers into it.

Mayor Bloomberg wants the state to control what we ingest and how much, our own pols want to dictate what we do with it once we’ve eaten. Cradle to grave, plate to toilet bowl, the state claims the power to manage it all.

Let’s hope that this, too shall pass – our safety depends on it!


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